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  1. Sex is a whole encompassing experience, not only the mechanic friction of a penis going into a hole. Maybe spend some time researching about sex and pleasure, idk? And encourage your partner to do the same bc it sounds like he knows nothing about it. Have you ever had an orgasm? Alone? With him? If yes, what worked before that isn't working now, or isn't working with him?

  2. That’s not that part that’s killing it you very very special little man. It’s the haircut. A side factor is that I’m not into bush. Again I’m definitely not in the minority here. Who hurt you though that’s the part you jump on? I’m here if you need to talk. You are loved.

  3. When we get blindsided like this, it’s doubly nude to get over it. I’m sure your world feels very bleak right now and your desire to take care of yourself is minimal. Anyone who has ever lived someone with their whole heart, understands your grief. I understand from what you wrote that you don’t have a support system; I’m sorry. If you can, I would immediately get some counseling/therapy. I know you want to just climb inside a hole and not move, but you have to get out. If memories are hurting you when you go out, find someplace new-something you never did together. Let it be your place. Eat, sleep, shower, work. It DOES get better, but not overnight, my friend.

  4. You did the right thing OP. Also if you're sure you don't want kids you ought to look into a vasectomy. It's unfortunate that men don't have many birth control options.

  5. This is all kind of fucked up. She's still in love with him and maybe she developed feelings for you I don't think she loves you.

    If he wasn't married she wasn't kinda dependent on you would she have a relationship with him? Okay you love her but this is unhealthy.

    And the fact that she's trying to make you befriend him and like hey this is ok is even worse. No nope no way


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