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  1. Yeah I guess Hitler was also pretty cool if you overlook his whole antisemitism thing.

    Stark comparison I know but dude, any amount of racism is too much, she is a horrible human being that believes herself superior to others and your willingness to ignore that because she is “cute” is a giant red flag.

  2. Thats precisely what i had in mind: i am looking for validation to do what i know i have to. I dont want to break up with him and feel bad for it… thank you for you reply. I really appretiate it

  3. This is very true. I had a friend that I’ve known for 13 years and she called me 4 years ago to confess she slept with someone outside her marriage and how it was making her feel guilty. I told her how bad it was that she did that but I didn’t drop her as a friend bc I know I would never partake infidelity and just bc a friend of mine did doesn’t sway me in a different direction. Many people are able to set a standard for their own actions and not let others misdeeds affect how they act. Regardless, outright condoning it isn’t good either. Making it known you don’t agree with infidelity is still what a good friend does and then separating yourself from that part of their private life is about the only way you can move past it.

  4. I love big boy. I genuinely do. I cut it off with Big boy because of my current boyfriend. I was falling for him nude and it felt wrong to do that to him. I stayed with my current boyfriend out of fear of starting all over and the fear of me and big boy not working out.

  5. Wanting to see someone suffer by your hand is not a good impulse to follow. I understand having it, but 9/10 it will not make you feel as good as you think it will.

    Walk away from this situation, knowing that you acted with as much grace as a hurt person could. Don’t become a bad guy to someone else.


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