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16 thoughts on “molassesofferinglive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Don’t assume it’s a game. At this point she likes you. That doesn’t mean she wants a bf necessarily though.

    People generally can be trusted to say yes to things they want. So ask her to hang out or go out together, so if she wants to go she will say yes. If you get a no drop it.

    If you get a no and completely let it go, people who do play games usually say “wtf, don’t they want me?”. Then you’ll get some late night texts down the road. Don’t date her at that point though. Would be more exhausting than it’s worth.

  2. If you WERE to move on your girlfriend has to accept that your child may have a step parent someday. I find it extremely strange that she’s already saying things like ‘whoever you’re with will not be involved with the baby’. That’s basically impossible in the long run. She’s restricting you to 1 option- wait until (or if) she’s ready. It seems very controlling to me. Make sure that baby is yours.

  3. I would've left you over the kissing but that's just me. I love kissing and I'm not okay with pecks from my lover for the rest of my life. Nope.

    Y'all are straight up not compatible.

  4. Hi OP. You didn’t mention this in your post and nobody else has asked the question but is there any chance she could have met someone else that could have made her want to do this?

  5. You don't owe them anything; they came into your home unannounced and uninvited. It might have been embarrassing for you but you haven't done anything wrong here.

  6. I think she will feel most secure if she is making her own money. I don't think you giving her any amount of money will make her feel secure. What is her career?

  7. I can tell you don’t because the minute you said you did you commented on your appearance. I’m 31 now and didn’t know what it meant to love myself until my late 20s. Shit is naked, I relate heavy to the body dysmorphia (husky kid – fat adult – ripped to shreds – now average)

    At the end of the day it’s me, myself, and I. No person is conditional to my happiness but me. It sounds like your a bit loss in direction of life (I can relate and I’m taking big inference on your story)

  8. I thought he returned the award in private to his boss after the meeting. So how is doing that privately a big signal and show to everyone else? Or was he just an ass to his boss in front of people?

    Man, if he won’t get therapy, how do you build a life with someone of that mindset?

  9. “dating” is pretty much just going on dates. If you want to know whether you're both interested in being exclusive or in a relationship then those are the things you need to ask about.

  10. Is it normal for a 40 year old man to be living with a bunch of friends?

    IDK, just seems odd to me. But I am not looking for housing in this market so perhaps things have changed. He def is stalling you. Why is nude to say. You are assuming it is a flaw in you. What else makes you think that is what it is other than your insecurity? Has he negged you? Does he not compliment you?

  11. FWIW it's standard police procedure not to pass along suicide notes unless explicitly requested.

    And even then it's given over in a sealed envelope with a very strongly worded advisement NOT to read it.

    Suicide notes are generally written when the person who committed suicide are in their worst mental state and not a true reflection of who they were.

  12. Definitely avoid dating for now, a rebound is the last thing you need. You can focus on self care and friendships. You can write reminders for yourself around the house with any affirmations you find useful, in Spanish we have a saying that helped back when I was younger “mejor sola que mal acompañada” (better by myself than in bad company).


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