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  1. Maybe reach out to him again and say you are willing to decrease work on something like at the end of the day he probably feels you decided work was more important than him

    Even though you may not feel that way

  2. My husband and me wanted to get married one day, but without a huge ceremony.

    We ran into issues with his health insurance, and getting him insured with family insurance via my work didn't cost any money once we married (opposed to 180€ each month without him being in my family insurance), and due to tax I now make more money thanks to being married.

    So yes, even though we wanted to get married one day anyway, the benefits made us do it quicker. We were together 7 years before, and marriage made some things easier and helped us financially.

  3. That's her expense, not yours. For example if you weren't in a relationship she would still have that expense

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  5. I'm not seeing the justification against a firearm here, if the only argument is “more dangerous”, without considering that using one is a last resort option, but it should always remain an option when you're legally allowed to protect yourself and your household.

    People facing an intruder do not have the luxury to take the time to figure out the criminal's intent or if they're armed. There's no logical reason in the argument – no, opinion- you present here.

    The situation is already life threatening for the victim. Removing an option that could definitely save your life or that of others inside your own home doesn't make any sense.

  6. He could get himself killed pissing off the wrong driver. I’ve seen news stories of people just pulling out a gun and firing at other cars.

  7. What even is a “long time ago” when you've been together a sum total of 3 years… just finish what you've started and take the lesson that maybe you should get to know someone a bit better before you get married. One year is not enough, not for the majority of people. Especially not at this young age.

  8. Your boyfriend has been tremendously disrespectful to your parents. Your father probably doesn't care what you do or don't do in bed, but he will have been mortified by the image your boyfriend has put in his head.

  9. I'm struck by the fact that MIL lives 7+ hours away from them!?! Ask hubby how old he thinks their daughter should be before she's allowed to be 7+ hours away from them in someone else's care.

    The reality is that she would be at least 9-10 years old before she'd be comfortable being alone, 7+ hours away from her parents. At the rate you're going, your MIL will be a virtual stranger to her in 9 years and your daughter absolutely won't want to visit that far with a stranger!

    Tell your husband he's being completely illogical! An infant, toddler, young child will not be comfortable without a parent around!

  10. Your body, your choices. Your bf is AH. a gift is supposed to make you happy. You are not an object. A loving boyfriend would find you perfect just the way you are.

  11. Out of curiosity what was the STD? I tested positive for HSV1 with my husband. It turned out it was from a cold sore he had and went down on me.

  12. I havnt gone on a date for 4 years or talked to a girl in 4 so I thought tinder would be a good place to start and it's only reinforcing the statement that I'm ugly

  13. Is there any hope for us?


    Can I change?

    you totally can

    You both done fucked up. Don't get back together, unless mistrusting each other from the start sounds like fun to you. Take the time to reset yourself instead and better yourself. Don't go into your next relationship until you have a new mindset and clear goals for your future. Even if they're just little goals.

    I will die on this hill- The proper response to a breach of trust like that is leave the relationship. You already know that revenge doesn't satisfy unless you're a psycho.

  14. That was their daughters best friend before their son slept with her so unless she did something disrespectful there should be no problem

  15. So the sober guy trusted to get your sister home is caught with your obliteratedly drunk sister having sex… There is no blame to be placed on her, from my point of view.

  16. So he’s the only male. Is he from a culture where the men are expected to care for their parents?

  17. This! He said something shitty but if her feelings are hurt it's her own fault?!? Yeah naw, that's not how this works.

  18. This post has reached one of our comment/karma limits. The text of the post has been preserved below.

    Trigger warning: this post could be hard to read if you’re LGBT.

    I’ve been married to my husband for almost eight years. We have two kids together, a six month old son and a five year old daughter. I’ve always been close with his family, and they treated me very well from the start. I’ve been exceptionally close with his little sister (21F). I always wanted a sister growing up, and I feel like I achieved that when I met my SIL. She has always been there when we needed her, and she’s an amazing aunt to our kids.

    My SIL was never in a serious relationship in high school or college. Our family joked that she was going end up being a crazy cat lady. When my SIL told everyone that she had been seeing someone for about six months and she wanted all of us to meet them we were all very excited for her. My MIL and FIL made a very nice dinner for her and her s/o and invited my husband and I over to meet them. When my SIL arrived with another woman the room went quiet. She introduced this woman as her girlfriend, and I gave them both a hug and told her girlfriend how happy I was to meet her. I was confused to why no one else was getting up to greet them until my MIL opened her mouth.

    My MIL asked my SIL what this means. My SIL responded and told them that she’s a lesbian. She explained that she was scared to come out because she didn’t know how they would react, but she’s in a very happy relationship and she didn’t want to hide it anymore. I told her that I was proud of her, and that I was happy that she’s happy. My MIL responded to me before my SIL got a chance. She asked me what there was to be proud of. She then started going on a homophobic religious rant, and my FIL agreed with her. I looked to my husband expecting him to say something, but he sat there in silence. My MIL and FIL started shouting at my SIL tearing her apart in front of her girlfriend. My SIL starting having an anxiety attack, and she kept repeating that she couldn’t handle this. Still her parents didn’t stop. Her girlfriend immediately reacted by taking her outside.

    I told my husband to get the kids in the car. He put up a fight, but eventually did what I asked. While he was putting the kids in the car I took this as an opportunity to talk to my SIL and her girlfriend away from the other family. We had a heartfelt conversation, and I wanted to make sure they knew that they could talk to me if they needed someone.

    On the drive home I asked my husband why he didn’t say anything to his parents when they were acting this way to his sister. His response? His response was that his sister shouldn’t have showed up with a girl without telling his parents first. He says that no one knew she was gay, and this was an appropriate reaction to have when you feel blindsided. I felt sick.

    I have a gay brother. My husband and his family have met my brother on many occasions. None of them have ever made a comment about his sexuality, nor have they ever made a homophobic comment around me. I bring this up to my husband, and he says that it’s different when it’s your own blood. I asked him if he would be okay with one of our kids being gay and he just shrugged his shoulders. I tried talking to him more, but he told me that he was done talking about this with me.

    We haven’t spoken much since this happened. I feel like I’ve been punched in the gut. I cant stop thinking about everything, and I need some advice. I would ask my brother, but I don’t want him to feel unsafe around my husband’s family. I feel completely lost, and in my husband’s words..blindsided.

  19. This entire story is fake, but per OP, the stories started in high school. If you have someone writing notebooks worth of these fantasies, I am not thinking they are masterminds. Also, he was in the process of moving, so it's not like he left it out on his coffee table it was somewhere out of the way and needed to be packed up. That's how it was found.

  20. You don‘t have to do everything together. If she wants to buy a house, she can. If she wants to travel, she can. And eventually, you can join her in these things.

  21. I dated the same boy from 15-22. I thought I loved him so much. I actually ended up wasting so much time. I wouldn't even leave him for the infidelity, I would leave him just to experience something else. Sounds like he wants to.

  22. Please double check the laws where you on-line. When same sex marriage was gaining traction, many states removed common law marriage.

  23. Yes. Precisely. She is more mature than the other girls I’ve dated in my early thirties that were my age

  24. If you're no longer into the relationship, so be it.

    No matter how you approach it, it will be impossible to avoid a 'sting'… Its just something where you have to rip the band-aid off and get through it.

    You can start by saying something like:

    We met at a young age, and I feel like we have grown a lot since. As well, we still have a lot more to grow.

    I have come to realize that even though our relationship is great, there are some incompatibilities I can no longer ignore.

    I feel like those things are creating distance between us. I've decided that I am not into this as much as you deserve.

    Breakups will always be a hot conversation to have. Just have to suck it up and get through it.


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