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9 thoughts on “Mollywhite online webcams for YOU!

  1. Go online and pay for it. It will remove your nervousness and make any future interaction or relationship easier

  2. Girl, what are you doing?

    He told who he thought was a rando looking to get laid he was going to dump you, and you…got back together and are going to marry this man? What is the world.

    He's pissed you are asking the general public if he cheated because he knows what he did and that was the only time you actually caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.

    He hasn't changed because he doesn't WANT to change. He still thinks it's cool and fine what he did, and I assure you, he is using the same reasoning to do it more.

    You are 23 fucking years old, OP. Why are you settling for someone that doesn't love you? there is a man out there that would NEVER do this shit to you, but you are with this guy.

    You aren't a martyr. You aren't doing anyone a favor by staying with him. You are simply wasting your time, and you are going to massively regret it later in life when you realized you stayed with someone that has so little respect for you that they treated you like this. You think someone that has so little consideration for you is going to be a partner to build a life that is good for both of you with?

    This is not a man to marry. This is a man to block because he is not partner material.

    He has very clearly proven to you who he is and is loudly exclaiming there is nothing wrong with his behavior.

    If this is what you want out of life, a partner that thinks its okay to cheat (and yes, clearly it's cheating) then this is exactly what you are going to get.

  3. Your husband is a pedophile. Which if you guys ever decide to have children it’s going to be a big deal. You’re not going to feel safe with your young girls around him. This is one I would really leave the marriage for one way or the other because you’re a grown adult woman he’s going to lose interest if that is his interest level. And secondly, it’s a criminal act watching child porn at all.

  4. It's why I won't pay. His brother is just out of college and broke so he doesn't want to screw him over, I get that he has student loans. His dad tends to throw in the fact he supported him and paid his medical bills when he had cancer during childhood.


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