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14 thoughts on “MommaBlondeBombshelllive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I would love nothing more than to agree with you on this, but OP Never actually states why the break up happened. I would be immediately suspect of anything the boyfriends said.

    I’ve had a similar situation happened to myself, it was complete and utter bullshit, as he was trying to isolate her away from her friends, especially my girlfriend, who was the Besty, so that he could get back in her good graces. 

    Personally, If I was going to ask anyone, I would meet with her best friend and ask her face-to-face. She can tell you if her ex is up to some shit or not. If the ex is right, her face will give it away When asked.

  2. You kind of created the situation by not being honest with your husband. You don't want to speak to him because he's acting appropriately on your lies by omission. ALSO, since you don't need to work unless you want to, why don't you work to help your sister out?

    What you need to do is be open and honest with your husband and understand that hey, maybe he doesn't want to essentially give away what he, AND ONLY HE, worked so hot for.

  3. Get away from him. He is awful. He probably got a happy ending at the massage place that is why he is mad you know. And you and your cousin were there when they kissed in another room. Why would you even think of staying with this liar. Get some self respect

  4. Please respect yourself , when someone asks you to do shit they don’t do or if they ask questions they aren’t willing to answer those are huge red flags.

    On top of that you saw a “kinda red flag “ and didn’t investigate lol I’m surprised you haven’t caught anything bud stupidity.

  5. So Sarah started it. Stop blaming your fiancé! You are a terrible partner and she deserves so much better. My god, break up with her and go be the third in Bob and Sarah’s marriage.

  6. My wife developed severe bipolar after we had been married a ling time. It was an awful life changing experience for both of us. It altered the course of my life and although I love her and will support her I would never wish this life on anyone.

  7. You dodged one hell of a bullet

    She sounds absolutely unhinged…and you’re actually goofy enough to be considering going back to her?

    C’mon man

  8. But that's completely different my family and son have met my man so your families anger in justified

  9. Break up isn't a wrong choice. If you want to stay however, it may be difficult to repair your relationship.

    I think it would be best, if she given you access to her messages/accounts, not so that you would supervise her, but so that when insecurity inevitably erupts in you, you can occasiobaly go through her messages/accounts. This needs to be combined with agreement to never delete any messages. This is not negotiable, refusal shpuld mean break up.

    She also shouldn't just block her ex. She should tell him she is sorry, but does not want to talk to him anymore as she is in relationship, and only then block him for good.

    Secondly you need to get to the bottom of why she has done it. If the only thing she can offer you are excuses, then there is no hope for you. If she can give her reasoning, as ashamed as she may be of it, then there may be a way to work on this.

    Oh, lastly she needs to understand it might potentially years to fully get over this, and she needs to be considerate of your concerns when you feel insecure, ( for example over relations with some new male “friends” in the future).

  10. The average American tells 4 lies a day. Probably more, given that this statistic is based on a survey. That's nearly 1500 a year – some small, some big. Learning how to deceive is even considered an important part of healthy childhood development. The data about lies within relationships isn't much better: Over 90% of couples lie to each other about their shopping habits, for example.

    The puritanical standard that you and others are holding her to would make pretty much everyone undateable. It would make every online-dating profile and singles-bar conversation a mortal sin with no hope for redemption. It's just the kind of unnuanced, black-and-white thinking I've come to expect from a subreddit where people are told to end 30-year marriages because their spouse complained about the cooking.

    Is a nervous teenager inflating her age by a year to impress a boy the biggest lie in the world? I guess it's a bit bigger than “no, you don't look fat in that dress.” Though a billion times smaller than “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky”. But the lie isn't even the interesting part of the story. The lie is an 18 year old acting like an 18 year old. It's the apology and coming clean about the lie – which must have taken a lot of courage – that's the interesting indicator of her character. Not the dumb, immature mistake.

    But, on the internet, no mistake is too small to forever a doom a person, regardless of their attempts to make amends. So, I guess OP should probably just brand his young ex-lover with a red L, ensuring nobody else is again fooled by the wicked deceptress. Then, he can seek out a magical maiden who is unable to tell even a single untruth… and they can be wed by faeries and online happily forever in a land where all is pure, and honest, and perfect.

    /s OP: The “big lie” aside… Now that you know that you're dating someone fresh out of high school, you have to expect that they're going to act like someone fresh out of high school. If that's not the type of relationship you're looking for, then maybe this ain't the gal for you.

  11. She’s not some broken woman.

    By your logic – sex is dirty…. And you shouldn’t have it either??

    Either get over it or let her go


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