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  2. This is childish behavior and indicates you’re inconveniencing him, in his own mind.

    People don’t just change this behavior and you’re now getting the opportunity to move forward knowing that if you’re cold, ill, recovering or injured… he is the type of partner that will get upset and passive aggressive once he determines you’re inconveniencing him or should be “over it”.

    You can address it, you should do so firmly. Perhaps by stating you’ll no longer be riding with him, as he doesn’t care about your comfort.

    Just know, any changes he makes, are likely temporary and only to get through this one issue. He will then default back.

    The true fix for this is a sudden realization of his own or therapy. Not just setting a tone as a partner.

  3. No I’m actually moving into an apartment by myself, and my son. That’s why I’m weary, I know I shouldn’t pursue relationships right now. I don’t think this friend feels that way about me, and if he did he wouldn’t make a move any time in the near future, because he knows the situation. But it would be painful for me to be in love with someone knowing I’m not ready to be in a relationship.


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