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4 thoughts on “Mskristine live sex cams for YOU!

  1. Trust your gut, it is right. If a woman came up to you and handed over her number and said let’s meet/hang out sometime your gf most likely wouldn’t like that. And if she does it’s probably because she’s doing the same time.

    ✂️ it out.

  2. I didn't say he was autistic because he's dickish. I said it because he has no friends, always wear the same clothes, and eats the same food. I suppose you are going to say those are stereotypes?

  3. Well, at least you are honest about it. But advice on this post is nothing more than stroking your ego until we actually know why she is asking you for money.

    I've had girls ask me for money and it's rarely an easy thing for them to do. And usually caused by some unfair circumstance like getting injured, wrongly termination, depression, etc.


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