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8 thoughts on “Mulattomamii live! webcams for YOU!

  1. You’re acting fucking crazy OP. Just let it go. It was just bullshit guy talk 7yrs ago where your bf was trying to act cool. He laughed when you brought it up because he probably thought it was ridiculous. Honestly if I was him I’d be rethinking marrying you if this is really such a big deal to you. What a fucking nag.

  2. Ya you are using her for mental and emotional support. You are nothing but a parasite. She's lucky to not marry you.

  3. That’s a lot like what it sounds like. The gf probably noticed how he couldn’t get into it but had sex with the guy anyway. I feel like I would be too concerned with my partners comfort over my own horniness. But then again… I’m too possessive and can’t share my partner.

  4. I think this shows a lot insight and maturity that you’ve come to this conclusion. Yes I think it would be wrong to continue your engagement based on how your feeling now. It’s more than stress, this isn’t fair to your fiancé.

  5. Google, where you can find everything! Even links to opinion pieces.

    I fundamentally disagree that emotional cheating is even a thing

    If you don't have friends/family that you are close to, I'm sorry


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