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9 thoughts on “musclemama4ulive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I'm gonna say this as the single loser who games a minimum of 7 hours a day, he's not gonna change from any force other than his own will to do so, even if you advise therapy, he'll veto against it.

    So don't make an ultimatum because he WILL choose gaming over you, honest advice is to start consider looking for ways out that won't put you under any problems, housing or socialising.

    The truly sad thing is he likely won't even notice you've left and what he's missed out on.

  2. You gotta tell him the truth. It’s okay if he cries. That’s not up to you to prevent.

    But can be kind about it. You can tell him he gives you too much detail. Tell him he has great thoughts and interesting stories that you want to hear… but they get buried in repeats and BS that aren’t really worth sharing.

    If you reaffirm your friendship and make this something for him to work on, not something that’s wrong with him, you two will be just fine.

  3. If you can get past it and genuinely move on from it, give it another chance if you want to.

    If you're constantly plagued by thoughts about this and it's hurting you, break it off. Not doing yourself or her a favor that way.

    I personally don't do “breaks”. You can work on issues while staying in a committed relationship even if that means less/no contact, while still having that commitment. A break is almost always so one of the pair can screw around with others, whether it was someone they already had in mind or strangers. Could be she was crushing on this co-worker, wanted to try him out and decided she did not like it.

    I am also wondering what you mean by your issues bleeding into your life with her. What did you do or say that made her feel so hated and unloved by you?

  4. Manipulative. She’s predicting a future anxiety attack based on a self diagnosis and taunting you with family triggers. After breaking up with her, go do your dream internship and have a summer love.

  5. This is sexual assault. Consensual sex requires informed consent. You consented to having sex with a condom without holes poked in it. He tried to secretly have sex with you with a condom that he poked holes in. That is not consensual sex. Your husband tried to have non-consensual sex with you. Do we know another word for non-consensual sex?

    If that had happened to a friend of yours, what advice would you give them?

  6. It sounds like she was groomed by them if they just made it seem like it's normal all her life. Are they naked too? This is so uncomfortable

  7. Exactly, it's the whole “you're the only one responsible for your feelings” shit and calling people iNsEcUrE when their partner is disrespecting the relationship by being friends with someone who gives you reasons to distrust them

  8. Don't reduce it. Why are you changing your totally justified self care time to appease his insecurity? I am 45. Take it from me, he is controlling. He should make time for his daughter. Not foist her on you. Her time with you should be approved by her mother too. The biggest issue here is him stripping you of any individuality. You should try and imagine if your friend told you this was happening to her. You are engaged, or married. He is a boyfriend. You should find out why he is divorced. I can guarantee that he is the type of man who smothers his partner. Doesn't want you to do anything that doesn't involve him. Give him a foot he takes a mile. You gave him phone time. Then it will be every other time. Then what next? It is a pattern


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