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  1. a big reason I am considering ending things is the way he reacted, no apology was given and he only laughed and told me “my nephew is letting all my secrets out”.

    If there was an apology or sincerity I wouldn’t have even thought twice.

    He most likely feels very differently about a stupid comment he said to a kid 7 years ago than you do. To him it's probably a dumb line he said in passing. You seem to be taking it very personally.

    I don't think it's necessary for him to apologize if you haven't expressed how hurt your are by the comment. If you have communicated that to him and he hasn't apologized, he's an asshole. If you haven't communicated your feelings to him, expecting him to read your mind to understand how you feel about a throw away joke 7 years ago, that seems unreasonable to me.

  2. When peole are making mean comments it doesn't matter if they are supposed to be “jokes” . Of course I am not talking about the usual banter and ironic offending each other among friends. If they make such “jokes” towards someone they clearly do not like they stop being jokes. The right choice at some point is to tell them to fuck off and eat shit. Your boyfriend decided to act like an equal part of joking conversation, but got called party pooper instead. It's because they never wanted them to be actual part of conversation.

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  4. I have no friends so a room mate doesn't work either

    This is gonna blow your mind but most people dont on-line with their friends and find a roommate other ways..try craigslist.

    You BF needs two jobs since awhile bunch of his money is going to lawyer fees and child support..maybe you should get two jobs also, it isnt easy to subsidize someone else's child…so you are willing to take on all these huge responsibilities but you cant tell your parents? I am thinking you are a bit deluded about the actual situation and what you are getting into, all for a healthy loving relationship..HOw long you been dating the guy and how old is his kid?


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