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  2. Ok, I don't want to sound like I don't love my daughter. I do more than anything. I thought I was going to be so sad, but I make it seem like I am way more sad than I am to her. ? I loved the 18 years she lived with me. I really did. I am so happy I was able to see all those firsts and help her grow. Really!

    BUT damn I love being an empty nester ?. I can do up to a week before I am thinking, honey, you got to go! I would never say it, ever. I would love for her to live next door to me, but with me, naw. She always says how I am alone and that she feels bad, but not having to have someone you have to be responsible for is awesome.

    My child is my best friend, but I love that she is an adult now.

  3. My partner is better than me at FPS, but I'm no slouch. I worked at a desk and he was a gunner in the military, so of course he better at anything related to shooting or that needs quick reflexes than i am. I still beat him sometimes and he thinks it's fabulous, but he'd rather team up than compete. We both really enjoy playing casually until we find someone who acts like OP and then handing them their asses until they rage quit.

  4. At lunch time does she handle meal prep, a toddler and a dog? If so, why can't you handle all 3 at dinner time?

    If you get home from work and she hasn't showered yet, first step is to take care of the toddler and the dog and let her go shower. After you let the dog out, put the toddler in the highchair with tiny bits of food spread out so that will take forever to pick up them up one by one. If he/she isn't hungry, try chunky marker or chunky crayons and paper. Or try stickers. My toddler used to spend a long time trying to unstick the stickers from his fingers. Once the toddler is distracted, then start dinner prep.

    Sounds like you take evenings to go play sports or music. Try alternating evenings with your wife. If she's not sure what to do, suggest she just go to a craft store and walk around and see if she's inspired. Or go shopping alone (trust me, not having to drag kids with to the store can be a real treat).

    Sounds like you are telling her to “take some time to yourself, just figure it out,” but still leaving her on the hook for family responsibilities during that time. I'd be frustrated too. Of course she's not getting a break just because you walked the dog before heading to your jam session.

  5. So when I was first married, my husband one day told me I wasn't allowed to go anywhere until the dishes were done. I was like 2 months pregnant and I was exhausted, but I just sighed and put on my shoes and started walking to the door. Husband asked where I was going and I said, “I wasn't planning on going anywhere, but you aren't my father so now I'm going to the store!”

    It's been 20+ years since that happened. I brought it up to my husband a few months back and he said, “I said that?! Man, I was dumb!”

    That's the way to deal with any SO who tells you you're not allowed to go somewhere.


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