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  1. You know your own limits. When one of the triggers take place, take a minute and try to counter the craving with the negative emotions you felt when everyone decided to bludgeon you after the wedding, and how you do not wish that upon yourself again, and sip on water. Communicate the feeling with your BF so that he’s not confused/concerned by your reaction. You got this!

  2. Let her have him. Why would you fight for this relationship.

    She will find out and tbh that’s not your problem. You need to take care of you.

    Next time they are on a date just leave

  3. What does he love more – you, or having control over your wardrobe choices?

    This is a bad path you're going down. Letting him so much as LOOK at the clothes in your wardrobe to veto what he doesn't like is sending the message that he has power to rule you. Is this what you want? Can you tell him that he is only allowed to wear what you approve of?

    He'll tell you it's not the same. That he's just protecting you. That he has the right to not want men to look at you. Then it will be your fault he shouted at you. Your fault he didn't answer your calls or texts. Your fault that he “lost control”. Its okay, he's really sorry and it won't happen again.

    Please think twice about what you're comfortable with FOR YOU. It's entirely in your hands if you don't want to be controlled by his insecurities.

  4. She's suffered through an extremely traumatic event and has not begun to process it. She needs therapy.

    You love her, so help her to get the help she needs. That is the first priority.

    After that is in progress, you can deal with whether or not this relationship should continue. There's no shame in ending the relationship if that's what's best for you.

  5. She can't be arsed with the hassle of a relationship and doesn't want to be in one with you. You are assuming “not my type” means sexually and in looks, but she means in personality. You aren't her type in terms of personality. I wouldn't take it personally.

    But you are good enough at sex, she enjoys it and if she thought she had some better offers on the table they have fallen through.

    Sex is fun and great, something to look forward to. If she is fun in bed, take her offer until someone else comes along who you want a relationship with


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