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  2. I dont know about him cheating, or lying or whatnot, but running a car engine inside a garage for any length of time is insane. In an attached house that kind of stupidity can get someone in the house killed.

    Date smarter guys

  3. You should just ask about paying for your own room for this trip. Honestly though it just sounds like he's been doing this because he's attracted to you and wants to hook up with you. Don't be surprised if your friendship starts to cool when you turn this down.

  4. I think you should talk to your mom. And honestly I wouldn't be too concerned about any blowback that's caused by the truth. After all, it's extremely bizarre for cousins to be aware of information that directly affects you, and for you to remain unaware.

    It might be a painful subject for your grandmother though.

  5. So you met this middle aged man (I presume in the middle of the day when moms take their kids out to the park)-in the park, jamming with his guitar—Does he have a job or is guitar playing for change his job? His forgetfulness sounds a lot like recreational drug induced “Oooopises at best, and laziness, at worst. He is not—reliable, responsible, stable, trustworthy. He is not not doing stuff the “right way” just bc he lacks belief in himself that he he smart and responsible. He is not doing things bc he doesn’t want to and bc he doesn’t care And while he may not be able to find someone in his age range to be his “mommy,” (bc no grown-ass woman would put up with this shit), he is able to lure you—young, impressionable, eager, a child still. Now, he can “mold” and “teach” you to do things for him. Hopefully, u don’t read all these comments from everyone and still think -“Oh, he would be a good person to make family with.”

  6. Please. She’d heard about the club & wanted to see what the inside looked like. What difference does it make?

  7. I fed your ex's behavior through a sophisticated decoding algorithm and here was the result:

    “Yeah, that guy's a big fuckin douchebag.”

    There ya go.

    Find someone better. Shouldn't be hot.

  8. yeah, because who the fuck asks someone they're dating to get a gift for a friend who clearly wants to fuck you. she sensed the impending drama and dipped. good for her.

  9. As someone with a large number of followers, I have most Instagram notifications turned off. She might too. Otherwise, the notifications just become annoying. You can be selective in terms of which ones you turn on/off.

    It’s only been a day, you should just wait and see what happens.


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