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  1. As someone who has friends who've been through this process, relationships are thoroughly investigated to make sure they are real. You need photos, social media presence in each others' lives. You need to be unquestionably a couple, even if you're a CBP officer.

    For the last two years, he's been openly engaged to someone else, bought property with them, etc. He's going to have a naked time proving they are a legitimate relationship. That person is not a citizen of the US.

  2. Sweetie, this guy is a taker. He's taking your time by forcing you to babysit his child. He's taking your money. He's taking both your time that you could be spending with your children and money that you're spending on him and his child that could go toward helping your children.

  3. Brooo same, I feel the whole “rooting” for us scenario. I’m legit in the same boat but now mine and his friends are both realizing I deserve better then this bs. If he cared he would consider your feelings. I know this feeling sucks OP but it will work out for u. Just keep taking care of urself and don’t let that jerk make u feel like u deserve any less then u actually do!

  4. No it can’t. I like penetrative sex with a man. When I go solo i dont put anything inside me. A toy is not a man


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