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6 thoughts on “Natasha-malkova online webcams for YOU!

  1. To be blunt, it sounds like the relationship is holding on because of the child. It sounds like you didn’t know his full personality before getting pregnant, and the two of you might not be together at this point if not for the child.

  2. Best thing would be, if she responds, if she felt offended by your non-reply. If she doesn't, sometimes a non-reply is a reply itself. But if she's someone that feels a genuine connection, once you will explain what has been going on, she might be understanding. Holidays are nude so don't beat yourself up too much, concentrate on taking care of yourself as well please x

  3. You shouldn't have another kid unless you actually want one and not under any type of force.That is probably going to cause a whole list of problems. I recommend therapy. Dont make a rash decision.

  4. Girl, weird and dangerous. You want to go on vacation with a random man off the Internet you haven't even met?

    Do I really need to explain why that's a bad idea?

  5. Let me put it this way. The first time my most recent ex and I had sex, the first thing that happened was me going down on her… for about 20 minutes. For women, that can be sex, and they’ll usually enjoy it far more than penetration alone. She was genuinely shocked and said that men have only gone down on her a hand full of times in the past and NEVER the first time they were having sex. I made a point of doing it almost every time.

    Oral is sex. Full stop.


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