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  1. I don’t need to say much here, OP – this is wrong, and if he doesn’t see that this is wrong, he belongs to the streets.

  2. I am not sure, I would consider cross country skiing a little spontanious thing, but it does sound like a memory worth creating.

    Happiness is a state of mind comming from the inside as a result of your perseption of things (and obvious a fullfillment of basic needs like food, safety and shelter). If you two are not happy now will a new house hardly solve it. It sounds like you are growing apart. A baby will not fix that.

    Mayby use the angle of a stable home for a theoretical baby to start a deeper conversation with her. Let her know, that you are concerned of the little bugs in your relationship, turning into cracks when a little person can be stuck in the middle. Could be she would take it a bit more seriously then. Mayby also hold up on the mayby-baby making project till you both feels, you are happy and secure in your relationship.

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  4. You are almost 30. So you really want to wait patiently for another decade or two before walking up one day and realising you’re middle aged and have wasted your life because he’s never going to accept help?

    He’s happy the way things are. You’re there for him. You support him when he needs it, he can suck the life out of you as much as he needs because as far as he’s concerned, you are an endless supply for him.

    He doesn’t need to confront his demons as long as you’re there to let him carry on hiding.

    You only get one life. It’s yours, not his.

    Do the right thing for YOU.

  5. Exactly. If he wants to keep the photos, he can change them so that only he can see them.

    I understand that it is part of his life, but out of respect of his new gf, he should hide them. He reacted poorly and probably she should break up with him for it tho.

  6. Why should I change my behavior and beliefs to south his feelings? What about mine? I don't want to do it, so why do I have to? Did you consider this may cause me to resent my partner, and maybe that's something I want to avoid?

    I'm not changing my stance, I want to come to a compromise, and me changing my whole beliefs to fit his is not a compromise.

  7. When there's no respect in a relationship, you can't come back from that. She doesn't respect you at all. She's only apologizing because she pushed too far and you stopped enduring her BS.

  8. we discuss a lot about our future, house plans, work stuff, money, lifestyle, everything except the wedding “party” and ceremony. Because she doesnt seemed like an ordinary desperate woman running her life for the wedding dress.

  9. That’s good. But you also don’t know if he’s got a violent ego and does not think it can be corrected without violence.


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