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  1. Everyone is the own worst critic, he sees the beauty in you are else he wouldn’t be with you. I kept photos fo some time mostly because I just forgot to delete them. Guys are weird don’t take it personally

  2. Sorry friend date people who you can actually date, long distance is rough and she is 21. She is gonna experience a lot, and will have a lot of male attention. Like a lot. The saying a 4 on base is a 10 rings true. My advice let it be permanent drop contact, don't let yourself be an option. Date around you'll find a girl into you I'm sure, try to go a little older 25+ you'll have a more realistic chance at something more long term.

  3. I stopped reading at 22 and 15…….I knew it would possibly get worse from there. I want a daughter so bad but stuff like this throws me left.

  4. Cats in your bed are gross and annoying. The hair and the thought of them walking on your pillow with the feet that were just in their litter box… Who wants to be woken up on the weekend by a cat walking on your face. Your boyfriend is justified in his position. And so are you if you are willing to choose a hypothetical cat over your boyfriend. That's on you. Break up.

  5. So you found out your girlfriend is a gold digger and you thought , yeah she sounds like a catch

    Problem is she thinks your friend is the actual catch , but you want to hang around and wait for the shoe to drop.

    I guess we will see again in 6 months or so

  6. Yeah it’s true bro ig she can spot that I have low self esteem and is trying to use it against me

  7. OP, open your eyes. Emotionally healthy people don't move in with a new partner just two months after ending a longterm relationship and they don't do that with someone they only just started dating. You probably should “confront” him and demand the truth, that you're a rebound distraction and that his true hope is that his ex gets her mental illness stabilized so they can continue their long relationship. It would be better to know so you can get your own life back on track rather than to just wait around for it to happen to you. This guy and this insane timeline you describe is just absolutely not the framework for a long and functioning union. Save yourself from their drama.

  8. Again, you're using friends as a plural. No one has a problem with friends. The problem is when it's so much time invested in one friend to the point they're calling themselves his wife.


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