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Birth Date: 2000-11-01

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9 thoughts on “naughty_mahilive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. My kids stepmom lives them very much. My stepmom loves me very much. If either one of them lost a family member why the hell would a dime of that family member's money belong to my kids or me? Your daughter never even met your wife's father. The money he left behind was for his family.

  2. Depends on his personality, but it’s likely that you mean more to him. There are lots of reasons he could say he wants to keep it casual despite having feelings, chief of which being the idea that he assumes you’d leave if he tried for anything else. Or he just doesn’t want anything more no matter what either of you feel.

    Honestly, it’s best to confront him and gauge for yourself if he’s truthful about it.

  3. I often wonder about people, didn't mean I want anything more than a hi how are you doing? They were one a part of his life. If he's a good man otherwise, give him a break. Maybe do something special for him and help him forget all that?

  4. I am sorry but I think your mum sounds amazing and has given you a loving and great life and scarified a great deal herself to do so. And when she was able to, she finally started working in herself to give herself her own happiness.

    And then your monster wife comes in and wants to destroy your mothers happiness that she worked damn hot to achieve. Has your mother not been through enough? Your wife needs therapy and to see how horrific her actions are. She is going to depreciate her child of a loving relationship as she has her own food hang up. Not to mention the terrible damage this would do to your mothers happiness which she is only just finally getting to enjoy.

  5. Well if she’s all lovey dovey when sober, and then makes out with some random as soon as she drinks, the only way I could forgive her was if she stopped drinking. Otherwise there are literally zero repercussions to her infidelity. Which means she’s free to do it again.

    Ofc she didn’t “accidentally” kiss him, it was an active decision by two consenting adults, and if the friend hadn’t been there perhaps it would’ve gone even further.

    She seems like she’s in need of a good dumping tbh.

  6. I feel like this is something that’ll just improve on its own with time. What types of gifts have you gotten him? Are you leading by example?

    Also work on your communication. Sounds like he’s a sweet man who listens and is trying he just may need a little extra guidance occasionally.


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