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  1. Doesn’t he have to get up the next morning? I’m having trouble seeing why you “love him to bits”. You don’t seem to spend much time together and he’s a party boy.

  2. Don't meet people live!. I know that is the way of it now, but you can't always trust text and a photo. Try to meet people in a more genuine way through hobbies, classes, conferences, sports, friends-of-friends, parties, etc. You will meet fewer potential partners, but the quality of those interactions will be far better.

  3. • Maintain separate lives and autonomy so when you come together at home you have new stories to share and ways that you’ve surprised yourselves and each other over the week. Try not to spend every waking, non-working moment together. If you are lucky enough to have the space for it, each of you should try to find yourselves a room or corner of your house that is only for you. (My bf has a wall that is just for his disc golf stuff; trophies, extra equipments, photos, etc. I have a corner of our bedroom that’s just for my work projects. Places we can retreat to mentally, and kind of go “ahhh there I am.”)

    • plan date nights. Make plans to leave the house for a movie or dinner, or even just a long drive. Coming home together is such a special moment. Even if you don’t leave the house, set intentional date nights at home. Light candles, hang gauzy curtains in the middle of the room, get a color changing light concept, turn your phones off. During the pandemic my bf bought a dome tent and set it up in our living room. We got a star light projector, put on new onesies and watched the movie Interstellar. BTW, When we come up a new idea for a date night we add it to a list on our fridge. That way we don’t feel pressure to remember or even do it right away, and those weekends when we’re too tired to brainstorm, we just look at the list and pick the easiest thing (walk to the bookstore, get slushies on the way home).

    • wear pajamas that make you feel sexy (both of you), but don’t wear the same pajamas all day, every day.

    • Find new recipes and cook them together. Someone in charge of prep, someone in charge of the stove, for example. Bring chairs and drinks into the kitchen area. Keep your phones far away.

    • Don’t assign roles like “one cooks and cleans because the other works more” or whatever. When you have more energy, do more to support your partner. When you have less, ask for more help. Don’t do favors like they’re currency. Don’t keep score.

    • Your partner’s favorite or easiest way to express love might be different from yours. Remember that sometimes we have to go out of our way to make sure the other person receives our love. Do you know about the five love languages? It’s kind of a generalization, but it helps me so much to see my partners love for me more clearly.

    • buy new sheets from time to time. Wash and put them on the bed in the morning, and forget about them until you both get into bed that night. New sheets always help keep the mood new.

    • rearrange the furniture every once in a while.

    • try new foods. Even if it’s takeout. Try a new restaurant every once in a while.

    • and to repeat my first thing, maintain independence and autonomy. Its so, so important to the longevity of a relationship for a person to feel like they have room to evolve and grow within that relationship. Don’t drop your friends or hobbies. Don’t lose yourself.

    I hope some of these help! Maybe they’re dumb ideas but they might inspire some of your own ideas. Sending love, congrats and good luck!

  4. Hey OP, you've got a gold digger. Do with this information what you will, just know that this behaviour will not end here. If you're fine being married to someone who's marrying your wallet, that's fine, otherwise just be glad she showed you her cards before the wedding

  5. How can you really know someone after only 6 months to such an extent you love them?

    You obviously have a very big heart but at 19 it is better to break up than stay in a LDR given you have only dated for 3 months.

    Meet other people and when he returns see where you are at.

    Go and meet others and just have fun!

  6. Yeah… this is why you don’t get married at 20 and 19 or whatever ridiculously young ages you were. Still both children. This is never going to get better.

  7. Bob sounds like he’s got some big honkin’ bitch tits. Just let the wedding pan out from here and don’t pay it no mind.

  8. This is not a healthy relationship.

    Look, she misinterpreted your intentions and is upset about her understanding of the situation. It happens! The healthy way for her to cope with that, is to take some time for herself, think about your explanation, your overall track record, and the magnitude of the situation.

    She didn't, she's upset and expecting you to somehow do whatever you can to make her hurt feelings go away immediately.

    That's not a rationale expectation.

    TBH though, her reaction to this situation isn't


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