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  1. As others have noted, it’s impossible to know if he’ll always be this much of a zealot. He may always be a little AAnnoying. It does become a lot like a religion for a lot of them – still, it’s better than drinking.

    It will probably always be best not to drink around him, but it’s ok for you to push back on his definition of alcoholism.

    Over time, you’ll need to decide if you can online with the new him.

  2. He has retreated into a pool of self loathing

    Ya I've dated several men that pull this tactic when caught.

    he made a post basically making me out to be a shrew to some of our friends in a discord channel.

    But you caught him and he was oh so sorry. And that's not who he is. …except it is.

    he can only imagine how much I want to hurt him/get back at him for what he did

    Yep, the boys I've dated and got caught also used this tactic to distract from the real issue.

  3. Depends on the kind of humor. Most people are extremely sensitive to thoughts of CSA, especially if they have suffered through it. Some people have hot limits to their humor.

    You learned your girlfriend’s limit is humoring involving children sexual situations. So what now for you?

  4. I think you are right, but it means he has cheated on you. No need to confront him, simply break up.

  5. OP I’m gonna try to word this in a way you understand. Picture this: instead of being trans say your son had a chronic condition that causes horrible headaches. Day after day he has headaches and has to power through it. Headaches so bad he might have even wanted to die. Then he gets the chance to start on a pain medication. Less headaches or at least not as bad. Maybe even could stop the headaches completely. He doesn’t wanna die. But his grandparents don’t like that he takes pain medication, call him a druggie and ignore him. So you decided, instead of affirming your son taking his medicine, to tell him to go back to being miserable and possibly wanting to die. Does that make it clear to you how you’ve messed up?

  6. Your both right in this scenario. She thought it was silliness and not worth mentioning which was correct until friend started acting on his intentions at which time she should have told you everything.

    I don’t think she was purposely keeping things from you but to the same point she should have come forward with it all when friend was making overtures.

    As long as she is honest going forward and puts distance between you both and this guy I think your fine.

  7. I’m 33 and I remember at my prom that someone I knew had to get permission to bring their 25 year old boyfriend and at the time it grossed me the fuck out. Also? As a 33 year old I cannot imagine even dating someone under maybe 28 tops. This dude is weird and OP deserves better.


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