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  1. The first heartbreak is the worst because you don’t know if it will end.

    Spoiled alert: it does. The pain will begin to fade, the longings will die back, and you will move on. Soon she will be thought of as your first girlfriend, a couple of fond memories and eventually “the bitch that dumped me on Christmas.” You will joke about that sooner than you think. Time helps.

    When I had my first broken heart the thing that helped me the best was yo keep a journal, not a regular journal but a slam book. Think of everything you hated about her. Every mean thing she’s ever done. Everything that passed you off, every time she made you feel bad. If you don’t do that you will find yourself only thinking about the good times. Read through it often. And I think the no contact thing is best.

  2. Sexuality is a spectrum. Plenty of people are like 80/20 in their preference of one gender over another. Some people identify as straight their whole life, but once or twice have seen a particularly masculine woman or effeminate man, and be like “yeah, I'd hit that.” Some people don't realize what's wrong in their attempts to connect with the opposite sex until they connect with someone of the same sex and suddenly realize “Oh THIS is why everyone makes such a big deal about sex” and realize they just went along with the societal norm and never let themselves evaluate whether they were something other than straight.

    Do what makes you happy. Life's too short to worry about these things.

  3. I've found a woman who actually understands me. Funnily enough, she is emotional enough for both of us!

  4. The thing with him is he claims that I do not take accountability for my actions or I don’t like to say that I am wrong, when he is like that, if I bring an issue to him, he will talk to me about it at first and then he will start saying things about me like instead of us, talking about him, it’ll turn into a conversation about me, I feel like a lot of the time he does it like to see you when he is wrong or he is trying to constantly validate why he is right, when it comes to getting angry with others. I don’t feel like he controls his emotions really that well like don’t get me wrong he can get visibly frustrated and stuff with them but I feel like with me it just goes further, like, for example, when we were arguing the other day, I had told him I didn’t wanna argue anymore, and I didn’t want to keep doing this, and he proceeded to respond with saying that I did not have anything intelligent back to say to him and that is why I didn’t want to have the conversation, as far as walking on eggshells or flipping on a dime I do feel like that is how it is I feel like one day he could be super happy, affectionate, loving I feel like the next you can be super mean distant hateful and I can even be happening on a daily basis like I don’t have to really be doing anything to make him angry. Sometimes he just wakes up in a bad mood or he finds like the littlest things kind of like the trash to just get completely bent out of shape over and I feel like he likes to take it out on me and I think that he does and says whatever he needs to in order to keep me around. I think he’s nice to me so that way I don’t leave maybe because I don’t know what reason he would have to behave the way that he does unless he’s just an asshole.


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