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12 thoughts on “Niicoleanders on-line sex cams for YOU!

  1. The two of you were not in a monogamous relationship. Both of you were free to do what/who you wanted. She utilized her opportunity to explore other options. In the end she chose you. Sounds like she felt differently about you than she did the other guy because she took time building a connection with you.

  2. If you didn’t feel some sort of guilt and pain while separating from someone you have this much time invested in, you’d need your head checked! It’s fine to feel that way/be sad, even if you’re the one that ended things.

    You’ve given him a golden opportunity to follow his dreams and he won’t even pay his phone bill on time. I’m willing to be you’ve never had the opportunity to sit on your ass and do very little as an adult. Why should he?

    Imagine your child came to you with this same laundry list of shitty behaviors they’ve encountered with their partner. Would you encourage them to tough it out? Of course not. You don’t need to either. It’s okay to leave when you’re not happy and being taken advantage of.

  3. i just want to say that the way i phrased that can be kinda misleading.

    but i also want to understand that if i expressed discomfort abt him gg somewhere, and he still went, i wld be p upset too. but yes igi, this behaviour can be deemed as controlling.

  4. Wasn't my choice, her mom and cousin proposed the idea. I voiced my opposition to dead ears.

    Wasn't really renovation for our use. We were trying to sale our money dump of a house and our realtor loaned the money to complete basic repairs.

  5. I am sorry you are hurt. I know how very hot it can be when you are interested in someone and its not reciprocated. That being said, look at it as dodging a bullet. Because that is what you did. You are young and at your best, enjoy your youth, your smarts and your beauty and say good riddance. You deserve better!

  6. Your relationship with this girlfriend is likely temporary as our most at your age. They perhaps see something you don’t.

  7. I would always confront whether it's my gf or siblings or whoever it is. This doesn't seem like a major thing to me. He lost control over himself being a lone for hours. If you two are good at communicating you can confront easily then. But if you let it go, a lot of possibilities can occur in future. One possib. Is

    The other times in future when he'll be lone like this for hours, he may search up similar things on google and thats all. The other possib. Can be good or bad.

    P.S. Do confront him. You, being a partner, are concern about something you are not okay with, I think you need to clear this out.


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