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  1. How about cut your losses and move on? You say you want to change which means you haven't. Or you have changed a bit? Have you considered that you and your partner are not compatible?

    OR – is he trying to guilt you into being submissive and beaten down so he can control you? Is what you did objectively bad or is it something that he convinced you was a bad thing?

    If the relationship is not working, move on.

  2. Idk I was hoping someone would say something about this is how guys for xyz reasons sigh. I can’t understand him.

  3. I guess I am hoping to be able to talk to him about it . And figure out as a team what we can do together.

    I would also like to know if there is anything I can do to help.

    He obviously knows I wouldn’t be telling him new information.. but I cant even open the conversation without him getting very defensive. I might be approaching this wrong

  4. OP I am soo sorry for your loss. Keep in mind this was a one night stand, of which she apparently told him he was not the father, If she had casual sex with him it's very well possible there are others, so there is no sure proof with out a DNA test it's his.

    Looks are not everything. I know because I literally went through the same thing. A few months into dating my husband, God rest his soul, when things got more serious he told me, there was a chance he had a child. He explained a very similar story to yours, save the girl accusing him, was an acquaintance from work and had already accused 4 people before him, of being the father. Granted this happened when they were both in their teens. He and his mother, stated he would take responsibility IF and when she got a DNA test, and to prove it was his. The girl refused and for what ever reason her mother had not pushed it either. Life went on, we met when we were in our early 20's were married 11 years before he unexpectedly passed in 2007. Another story all together, our kids had been 7 and 9 at the time.

    In 2021, I got a message on facebook from a young woman, who was that girls daughter, and yes she was under the impression my husband was her father. She was aware he passed after she had managed to get his full name from one of her family, and did some research. I explained I was aware of the situation, told her he had never hid the fact, I also explained to her her mothers actions at the time. I honestly harbored no ill feelings toward this girl. As said he never lied about the possibility, it certainly was not her fault who and what her mother had been. To look at her, I could have very well said she could be my husbands daughter, her smile was very much like his, she had what my MIL always called the ( their family name chin) I informed my MIL and even she was struck by the similarities.

    Longer story short, she eventually asked if we could, and we did a family DNA test between her and my sons. She was not their sister OP. I honestly was heart broken for her, none of it was her fault, and had her mother been honest from the start she may have had a better chance of at least finding out who her real father was. But after this much time, I imagine the chances are very slim. In any case as much as I even hoped for her sake my husband had been just so she could at least have closure and even gotten a chance to meet her would be half brothers, But as said despite all the similarities there was no match. I know I sort of went on a bit OP, I just wanted you to know in your situation there is still a possibility whether likely or not that child is not his. Wait to decide anything until you get the a DNA test.

  5. OP you are partially disabled. While you do have live! in Child Care and you help you are not reliable 100% of the time due to your disability. When you bring in another kid that means your wife will have to take care of him. He's a 13 year old likely with severe trauma that will need a lot of patience, care, and therapy. It's going to take a LONG time for this poor kid to feel functional.

    You have 4 kids under 4. It sounds like your wife is the breadwinner and has to handle almost everything. She loves you but loves your kids more. The choices are 1) bring this kid in and hope for the best, but your other kids could be collateral damage 2) give you the time and space to figure out your relationship with him and separate while having a support system for your kids. 3) you fight this in court which is going to be costly (for you and her) and likely she will be able to move anyway. I can't see the courts siding with someone who is partially disabled and has flare ups where he's unable to take care of his kids without help. (This isn't your fault obviously it's just the reality)

    I would suggest you get a lawyer for custody purposes. I would also suggest you think long and hard about how to be there for your son and make sure he gets all the support he needs. He will need lots of therapy, attention, love, patience and support.

  6. If you want to try and work through it, you should insist that she get therapy starting ASAP to help her understand how she could so quickly and easily put your marriage in jeopardy for a guy she just met. That if she isn't willing to explore how swiftly she started this at the expense of your wellbeing, then it's over and you will divorce her. Because it for sure is going to happen again if she doesn't get to the bottom of why it happened this time.

    And also, she obviously stops all contact with him immediately. If she waffles over that or tries to bargain you into letting her have some form of contact, it's over. Your marriage is done.


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