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Languages: en

Birth Date: 1988-10-07

Body Type: bodyTypeAthletic

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Subculture: subcultureGlamour

8 thoughts on “NikkaHOTxlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Yeah full stop here buddy.

    You do not want those problems. Once people outside your home find out about it you'd be in for a whole mess. Accusations left and right. Stand your ground and continue to not shower with your daughter. Explain to your wife what I've said here. It you shower with her and she tells someone about it, which kids do so innocently, it will be the worst time of your life and your mental health will be done for.

    You made the right call.

  2. What is there to figure out?

    Tell your wife, stay away from the sister.

    It is clear what this girl is doing. Don’t be an idiot

  3. Yeah it's definitely heading that way. I've moved away for university, last year I was home for a total of 3 weeks during the year but then had to be back for 3 months over the summer.

    This year, I think this week I've been back will be the only time I'm back for. And if I can find myself a part time job I will not being coming back of the summer.

    And I've already told my mum I'm not moving back home once I graduate (which tbh I think she is quite relived at because my brother graduated last year, has moved back home, doesn't have a job and doesn't pay rent or contribute in anyway)

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  4. While I agree ultimatums are bad, do you think a court would give a man full or primary custody of a newborn? It would take a real slam dunk argument for that and from his several posts he doesn’t have one

  5. Pretty gross that you think 30 is the last acceptable age to “blow up your relationship and start over.”

  6. “We believe in gender roles except sometimes I pay for dinner and also he wouldn't clean if I didn't.”

  7. You probably need to think about the grander scheme of your marriage when you find a place to stay, because this doesn’t sound like a good place for you at all.


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