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4 thoughts on “NukkyLin live! webcams for YOU!

  1. Ha? It is not obsessing. I just need to be aware of me dating multiple people is considered rude from his side if he is willing to stop. Because, I obviously do date more people at the time and certainly don't want to disrespect him in any way by doing that, so I need to know about that.

  2. Neither. It was in Finland. Though I can't find the article I read. Maybe I didn't remember it right. There are several cases where HIV positive men had unprotected sex with unknowing women and didn't get sentence because they were in medication and didn't give the hiv to the partners. Maybe I mixed them up.

  3. The way OP is acting in the comments is gross. You're 25 and your GF is 19. the only reason you're dating so young is because girls your age won't give you the time of day. Please do some self reflection.


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