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9 thoughts on “Nycdiamond online sex cams for YOU!

  1. Sorry babes. Im afraid the only way out is through.

    Cry cry cry! Then cry some more its okay to be super sad and grieve.

  2. I mean she’s always wearing the tiniest clothes around him and they’re always touching each other and he’s made sexual jokes about her. It all bothers me, just this one is the one I’m really annoyed about because it happened the most recent

  3. You guys are too immature to be in a relationship and seem to treat each other poorly which means you shouldn’t be together. Totally not worth the drama. And anyway, she’s not likely to be your forever person so learn from this and just move on

  4. It sounds like you two need to sit down and have a very serious conversation.

    It sounds like maybe he has had a change of heart or is stressed.

    I read the comments about you not feeling like you had enough space in his house and feel like its a power struggle over things. Having a larger house doesn’t solve that and if he is financially supporting most of your expenses and day to day living, its not exactly reasonable to expect him to buy another house/more financial burden when he already owns one. Having a larger house is just a bigger financial obligation and should you two separate down the line, (The comment about past breakups over renovations) its more hoops to jump through. You also mention that you had to give away all of your furniture but don’t mention that he also gave away his own, in the comments. If you moved into a place he has already owned, fully furnished, there wouldnt be much space for more furniture. It sounds like you could be feeling resentful because of this too.

    It sounds like you guys may want two different things right now. 1.5 years isnt a very long time. Forcing him to move faster wont change things but add more strain to your ongoing dilemma. Just sit down and ask how he is feeling, whats going on and how you can both plan for the future accordingly, together. Talk about how you feel as well, about your need for a space to unwind in. Make small changes where you are now to help you but also to give him time to prepare for moving too. You should both be confident about what is happening, physically and financially (and emotionally) and how to navigate the near future together but neither of you are. Plus the housing market is terrible right now.

    The only way to solve this is with serious, open communication.

  5. I am sorry for the wrong advice being offered and people judging you for age gap.

    You both were adults and it was based on consent. Reverse the genders and it becomes a completely different scenario.

    I can't comment on what happened with the little that you have written, but at the bare minimum level you need to know why and what happened and she should be kind enough to tell you that. Obviously she would have her own version of issues and why she doesn't see a future with you. May be you messed it up or weren't there for her, or may be she is no longer interested.


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