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7 thoughts on “Olivia (dark hair) & Zoe (light hair) the very hot online sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. Grow up and tell her, today. She’s going to be mad, you exposed her to chlamydia. There’s no way to mitigate her response.

  2. If he’s ok with it cool if not and it’s not something your comfortable compromising on you may not be compatible

  3. Not blaming OP here or passing a judgement because I'm not in his shoes, but some people bounce when things get tough. I can't imagine what will happen if he has kids with anyone, when things get tough with them, is he gonna decide he doesn't want kids anymore.

  4. I mean if it makes you happy then good for the both of you. But girl to girl advice, be smart, protect yourself. The amount of stories i have read in Reddit about a bf/husband cheating of their partner after they supported them financially for a long time, is crazy. That said, i hope you have a long healthy relationship

  5. Not a whole lot to go on here. If you care, maybe reach out with more than a “whats up” text. Cuz sometimes “whats up” doesn't convey a higher level of concern..So if you care, maybe show up in person to check on them? or a phone call or some other way where you can communicate in longer thoughts than a simple text.

  6. This might hurt to read and I'm sorry for that in advance. The “ball” is completely in her court in this situation which is where it should be because as you stated you have made what you want clear and evident. No matter what she decides this feeling of not knowing if she's going to end things with you will never fully go away now. It will subside in time if she decides to stay together but it will always be there in your mind. This feeling of “what if” that she's having didn't come out of nowhere. Odds are she's been feeling this for some time. Though, it may have been amplified by this other guy texting with her. More than likely there has been flirting in those conversations. Flirting is normal and it happens. Flirting is mostly innocent. Though, with my past relationships, the flirting led to pics being sent as well as other activities occurring. That may not be the case here but the flirting has happened and like I said is innocent. But that flirting has brought those feelings of “what if” to a much higher level. The only thing you can do at this point is stay true to your relationship until she gives you an answer about what she wants. Don't change anything about your daily routine when it comes to her until you get that answer. If you text her as soon as you get up in the morning then make sure to text her good morning and the same goes for before you go to sleep. If you go somewhere and you text her when you leave and to let her know you made it safely to your destination and vice versa then do it. If she does decide to continue the relationship then I explore you to learn from my mistakes and never stop dating her. Y'all could end up married for 50yrs but don't ever stop dating her. Plan dates for the 2 of you. Don't just do it on weekends. Send her flowers just because it's Wednesday. Tell her she looks beautiful everytime you see her especially when you can visibly see she's had a rough day. Often times when we get into committed relationships we get complacent and start taking it for granted. DON'T DO THIS! Always open the door for her. Pull her chair out every time she sits at a table. Don't be afraid to show her how much she means to you. If she decides to end things then ask her to at least end things face to face in person. Then take the things I said above and apply them in your future relationships. Love is a fickle beast and it is naked to find but when you do it is the most wonderful thing in the world and it must be cherished. I wish you the best of luck my young friend.


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