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11 thoughts on “onlyf: sugarmommyz the naked on-line sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. if they cheat with you they will cheat on you, she is proving that to you now. She is acting the same with him as she did with you when she cheated the first time, be prepared to find out she is sleeping with him

  2. So was my ex before he ended up trying to kill me when I’d finally had enough. I held onto the first 6 months of that person I fell for even though the monster stuck around for years and “that guy I met” never came back.. stay safe hun. BUT RUN before it’s even more unsafe

  3. That’s completely inappropriate. Sex toys are very intimate and should be purchased with the person who will be using it, they shouldn’t be cheap so you should take your time shopping together. If anything a gift certificate to a sex shop works, but even then it’s usually from another female not somebody’s husband.

  4. You’re an AH for using language like baby trapped. No one made him have unprotected sex. He made that dumb decision on his own.

    Get a lawyer. Establish paternity. And pay child support

    Frankly I don’t understand being attracted to someone who doesn’t take care of their kids but hey that’s on you

  5. I am thinking heavily of packing 3 large bags today while he is at work and taking a long break from this household. I guess I am worried how this may impact the kids at the moment since things aren't very stable.

  6. Use “I” statements, “I need help learning how to communicate and share my feelings and think couples therapy would be a safe space for us to do that together. I love you and want to give you and our marriage the respect it deserves.”


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