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  1. Awe…This is kinda cute but your jealousy/loyalty is kind of concerning. Animals choose their person. There are two of you and now 2 cats. As an example…I had Roxie for 17 yrs before she passed away. I was married 20 yrs and then remarried several years ago…My new husband was her “person”. She absolutely fell in love with him. She never acted the way she did around him for 15 yrs! I'm so thankful they met and she had the opportunity to have her own human before she passed away…

    I had a cat named Bella…At first we called her “Homeless” until we figured out she was pregnant and had to get her a kitty abortion so she wouldn't have a litter on my patio. She was then an inside cat with my other two. That girl was cool af…she made of point of making sure people Liked her! Especially people that didn't like cats. She was an exceptional girl. So much that her successor is named Stella and that girl is no different other than she's a mama's girl. Lily is my husband's cat. They choose you…you dont choose them.

  2. It's not your fault, it's just how things are with him.. But I hope you guys can pull through.. But don't lay on your back and allow him to do all this shitty behavior.. There is no excuse for him to take it out on you, for things that happened in his past

  3. Something I tell my girlfriend often who struggles with standing up for herself is this: Don't get sad, get mad. Regardless of what happen what he did was so disrespectful and rude. You shouldn't forget how he made you feel. If he ever gets around to getting back to you don't let him put this behind you, you deserve so much better

  4. I've had to sleep at different hospitals over my career due to weather. Going in early or staying late. Guess who never accused me of cheating- my husband.

    Guess who did- my ex, because he was

  5. Have you considered making an agreement that you can only invite relatives and mutual friends? There's none of this “Well I've known him for ages!” “Sure but I've never even met him-“

    Plus it'll help rein in the guest list.

    But definitely make a point of “IF we ever get married, it's my day as much as yours. I'm not okay with him there. No is a full sentence.”

    Another option – no inviting anyone that either of you has ever had sex with.

  6. If he stated it the way OP wrote then it definitely feels like he is being completely honest and getting all of the information he can to OP. I agree it's probably because of a jealous ex

  7. You talk about your mentally disabled friend as crossing your boundaries. That's not a language he understands. He's got a massive crush on you or something, is all he knows. Perhaps he's even so naive as to think showing up with flowers would make you choose him over his “romantic rival” (your boyfriend).

    I am not meaning to agree with your boyfriend, but I think the kindest thing you could do with B is to clearly cut things off. Send him a text telling him that he made your boyfriend jealous and your boyfriend wants you to end the friendship – and accordingly, you will be blocking B.

    That's kinder than telling him “I could never be interested in a relationship with someone with your problems.” (although equally true.)

  8. It is so lovely that you are so willing to help your sister. But your daughter is not a bad person for wanting to spend her own money how she wants to. Maybe she is saving for something important to her, why is that less valid?

  9. Ugh this is just gross. Especially an almost 30 year old is in the group making fun of a 19 year old? Your boyfriend needs better friends or you need a better boyfriend.


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