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  2. No. I just wonder why you bother going out with someone you don't find attractive because of their weight, date for two months and then decide to tell them “if only …you were not so big”.

    What if he pulled that shit on her? Pulease.

  3. It still bothers me that he just left without a word. He didnt think that would come off passive aggressive as fuck?

  4. The Nude Man only works 2 out of 3 times. You're the 1 out of 3. Maybe next time she'll break out the whipped cream bikini? Or stand in the doorway wearing socks and a smile, and seductively turn around.

    Joking aside, this isn't a TV show or movie. In real life, you can't just get hard randomly and expect people to react rationally.

    I'd just talk to her, let her know you're still interested, because it looks like you are, but you got really confused and overwhelmed about the potential change in relationship dynamic between the two of you.


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