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  1. He has her as background on his phone, so yeah this is pretty clear. He is all words without action.

  2. As a guy, please speak up. I'd never expect to sleep with someone so early, so wouldn't bring condoms. I also wouldn't want them to jave sex with me if they were uncomfortable about no condoms. Hell, im sure there were stores nearby. Or there is always another day!

  3. You do not meet with up an ex when you are in a new committed relationship.

    You based your decision on your gf – if she wasn't comfortable, you wouldn't go. You put it on her.

    Instead, it should have been that you told the ex no, and then told the gf that she asked and you declined.

    Have clean and clear boundaries and don't allow these kind of messy things to happen. Your ex is your past. Move forward and stop looking back. Be committed and responsible in your new relationship.


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