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  1. You've just got to be straightforward about it. Don't try to find the easy or nice way. They've obviously been pretty open about what they expect. You can be vocal about the expectations needing to stop.

  2. Do The Freedom Programme. There’s online and group classes. It is really helpful. I didn’t realise my husband is abusive until someone pointed it out to me. But on this course I’ve had my eyes opened to how abusive it was and still is post separation.

  3. Lol great idea since your in debt what can solve this issues more debt lol. You going to dig yourself a whole that you will never climb out of. She most likely will blame you for all the problems that will be going down and most likely break your heart. Then you going to do into depression then come back to this sub to explain your new current issue. So if I were you and you don’t want this “what if” to happen don’t keep going into debt

  4. Ye cause it's not like non of us needed some time to think before we said something that could hurt the other person before am i right ? It looks like he intends to talk to his SO but was not ready yet and thats totally fine if he does it after having some insight on the situation instead of jumping on her with a emotionally charged argument

  5. Couples therapy. For y’all to make it 20 years after getting pregnant in high school is amazing. You’re doing something right. Therapy would probably help both of you. Holding out sex as a punishment is a HUGE NO and every single counselor will speak on that as well.

  6. Everyone is saying what I came to say you good OP I think he’s being honest with you I’m sorry I really really understand the insecurity of a past ex it’s caused many issues with my wife I think you should try to let it go

  7. I agree with you, also. It’s also not hot to understand the boyfriends perspective for those capable of empathy and compassion.

    Why does girlfriends reaction get to be valid but the boyfriends doesn’t?

  8. She's acting out because she had teenager parents who never taught her how to self regulate. I don't understand how can you comment without understanding the effects on not having parents who are prepared to raise a child and give them all the support and tools they need to thrive can have as an adult. Maybe make a post on askreddit to learn more, please, so many people are just discovering things they don't know and things they were doing wrong and so many things they didn't even realized they need to unlearn and need work on, some are lucky to do it by themselves, that's not everyone and it's good to realize others need guidance and support, not two people are the same. Emotional immaturity is just one issue, this woman probably doesn't even think she needs therapy, that's expected given her upbringing. She's an adult and yet that doesn't mean she one day wakes up and knows exactly what to do and how to solve all of her problems, if that was true kids wouldn't need parents if at a certain age they will just know what to do and how to manage. That's a crazy notion, an adult handles themselves as good as the tools they were given, and those aren't money.

    In my case my mom was poor and working so much, she had no time or energy to teach me stuff, some are embrassing and include basic hygiene. I'm learning a lot and I'm 25, I'm sure I'm still lacking too.

    OP's daughter is a pain, I wouldn't be her friend or support her shit, but that's because I realize how big the issue is and I'm not capable of offering support so I take distance. The fact that's she's an adult means nothing really and people who think that just because of that she's suddenly become funcional need to learn more about the dynamics of teen parenting. There's a reason why is not encouraged and this is one example of why.

  9. Yes absolutely. Before all this happened, I wanted us all to get together but I see that's out of the question now so yea I'll be making plans to go solo. Time doesn't wait for anyone.

  10. If you don’t approve of him talking to your sister, then distance yourself. You’ve already said you disapprove, the most you can do now is either discontinue the friendship or go lower contact with both of them. If you think he’s a bad influence or you think your sister is stealing “your” friends (which you don’t have a claim on them) then do not introduce your sister to your friends. Do not bring them to events she’ll be at, remove her from your social media and private it so she can’t hit them up on the low. But they’re two grown adults, who can make their own decisions on who to converse with.

  11. The reason you feel you’ve been betrayed and misled is because you HAVE been betrayed and misled.

    Assuming story is real.

    I have my doubts but have to say this tale is reasonably well written.

  12. Either way he should be dumped. Then if he has any self awareness he can think about why he acted the way he did.

  13. I have cut down a lot. It’s to the point where I barely ever ask because I know it will trigger anxiety for her but anxiety is bad, you can’t on-line your life afraid of things. When I try to talk to her about it and give her some advice (because I also struggle with anxiety) she just gets upset.


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