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Birth Date: 2000-06-22

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10 thoughts on “Oxyanalive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. I think this depends a little on how long you've been together, whether you live! together and a few other factors.

    He shouldn't be entitled but if you gave minimum thought and effort then the the amount of £ spent is pretty irrelevant.

  2. So, he's fine except when he's angry?

    I just hope others can relate

    Oh, I'm sure theres plenty of people who have explained their relationships that way. How many of them ever improved though…

    I dunno, the thing that jumps out at me is you don't mention ever discussing this with him. If you've been with him for 3 years now, and this has been an issue all that time, its kind of concerning that you feel like you can't discuss an issue like this.

  3. I have ADHD. I also manage to cook and clean daily, take care of my pets, do all the grocery shopping and household management, and hold down an executive level job. Don’t confuse ADHD as laziness and don’t let people use it as a crux for being useless and not making an effort.

  4. My mom went through early menopause in her early to mid 40s and told me she hated all physical contact for years. Even platonic hugs. She also went through a long depression. Her Gyno helped get her on some hormones that helped her feel a little more stable.

  5. He has been your boyfriend for five years and he dated this girl for 9 months. Don't make this a big issue it'll just effect your relationship. And talk to your boyfriend and clear whatever is going on in your mind.. No filter and full transparency.

    I didn't like that he even considered meeting her and asked you for the permission and you said yes. This girl is making you insecure over something that happened years ago and he met her. You should've said no or he shouldn't have asked about it. Meeting exes may seem cool nowadays but it affects the relationship.

    Do more Activities of your choice and work on those instead of these thoughts. It'll help.

  6. “Mom, this isn't a topic that I/we are ever going to discuss with you again, for the foreseeable future. If you need to talk to someone about it, get a therapist, vent to a friend, write it on the bathroom wall at your local bar, I don't care, but you cannot bring this up again.

    If you do, I will not speak with you for a week/month/(suitable period of time in your mind).

    Starting right now.”

    And then follow through. She might do it once, she might even do it twice, but she probably won't ever bring it up again. after losing access to you and your kids as a consequence of (very controllable) actions.


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