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8 thoughts on “Pantsoff69 on-line sex chats for YOU!

  1. I think he’s got a lot of things to work on surrounding how he views sex. He has changed since he stopped porn but I think it’s the transition back into reality that may be difficult.

  2. nah because how tf is he gonna constantly belittle you and accuse you of cheating, but then has the audacity to request an open relationship? and when you didn’t want that because of past experiences that left you traumatized, he called you emotionally abusive? honey he’s toxic asf wtf..

  3. thank you for your advice, that is good advice. i just need to look at beauty a different way! she is beautiful in all the non-conventional ways

  4. I literally only read the title of your post and NONE of the post itself, but here's my 100% accurate answer: He's lying to you.

  5. Spend some time in infidelity related subs kid. Don't talk about things without knowing anything.

  6. Hon, his issues don’t mean he can abuse like this. He needs to deal with his trauma on his own through therapy or something, not rely on someone that is 7 years younger and not a professional.

    But if hr really cared about how this made you feel, he would listen instead of shutting you up.

    Let him GO


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