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15 thoughts on “Perseids88live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Thanks, been there done that, therapy didn’t help at all and I honestly can’t afford it now anyways. Cheapest I’ve found is $85/session (with insurance). So free internet insight is the best thing I got for now. You asked how it helps—it offers me different perspectives on the situation to consider apart from just my own.

  2. OP what you’re SO if feeling is normal at 20 years old, I went through the same thing with my now ex. And unfortunately he most likely will do the traveling for a couple years. But eventually when the money dries up he will need to settle into a steady job, and though the traveling might continue into his mid 20’s it slows down and goals change. As for you, I know the idea of having children in the near future sounds amazing but as someone in their mid to late 20’s I see very few young parents that happy about the decision. Not that they don’t love their children but you haven’t lived yet, I’m guessing your in college or something. How about wait a couple years in the real world and see how even your goals will change. You might end up wanting to wait till your 30’s where your more financially stable, btw it’s also better for your future kids. Rather than struggling in your 20’s when you and your SO aren’t fully matured. Just food for thought, hope it helps.

  3. Did she choose to have the sterilization processs because she doesnt want children?

    Is her BF happy to be becoming a father, Or is he conflicted?

  4. But what about a spouse who refuses to treat their condition, which also comes at the expense of their family? You have a lot of empathy for them, and that’s important but at the end of the day, they are also a parent. Kids don’t have always understand. Don’t they have the responsibility to get diagnosed and treated (whether with therapy or medicine) instead of expecting everyone else to accommodate them? Kids can’t accommodate. Yes the spouse can. But it sounds like they do everything for the household. At what point does the spouse have to take responsibility?

  5. Money is a major issue in long-term partnerships. It may not seem like a big deal, right now, but he’s showing you who he is and how he’ll handle things. The same goes for the cleaning issue and his unmedicated ADHD. It may seem okay, right now, but you can’t ignore it forever. It gets old.

  6. And you can barely see her boobs in her graduation pic?

    Girls in her culture don't usually show off like that. You can see them easily there.

  7. Disney is a cult lol what are you talking about ? its no different to star trek, star wars, avengera, etc. you can be a fan or a cultish fan based on how far you take the embodiment of things

  8. Do you really see yourself not having sex for the rest of your life? You’re talking 40-50 years. All because she doesn’t even want to try to make you happy. Has she offered “alternatives” as in different orifices? Has she offered you hall passes?

    Instead of going to CC, just declare that you’re making this a one sided open relationship because you realize that she will not give you the sex you need, counseling or not. Men and women should not feel guilty for wanting sex from their partners. It’s an big part of a healthy relationship. If someone truly can’t have sex it’s one thing but she has a situation where she could have sex again and chooses not to.

    How she responds to the open relationship idea will tell you a lot. If she just says “yeah, fine.” She probably feels she’s getting everything she wants and doesn’t care if you have sex with others. If she fights the idea, then she will have to step up and do the treatment she needs or you will follow up on your “plan.”

    The idea of the “”open” isn’t necessarily to actually do it. It’s to see where her head is at and to let her know that the status quo isn’t acceptable. You may need to end this if she doesn’t want to change.

  9. So you know he is a liar, you know that he will lie to you, you know he will cover up his lie and will manipulate you when you know something is wrong. He made you think that he was running away from his feelings when really he was banging other girls but he was “ upset at the idea you would sleep with other guys” you see what he did there? He flipped it on you in that argument. He was sleeping around but if he made you think he was worried about you sleeping around you would be less likely to expect it of him because what psycho would say that to you when that was in fact what he was doing. If you stay with him, this will be the first of many situations. He’s going to keep doing it to you because hr already did

  10. No, he is trying to cover his ass as much as he can. Why is everyone making this about her? You people are insane.


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