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  1. I relate with this! I always start a new hobby, love it for a while, expend a lot of money on it, and later, I don't like it anymore and start a new one. And I can't stop it, probably the next hobby will be the one that I will stick too

  2. If you don’t mind me asking, what was the text about? I used to monitor my ex’s social media like a madman and it really broke down a lot of opportunities for us to grow because of the assumptions I made.

  3. Check her phone as she has given you reasons to be doubtful as to what's going on.

    Be prepared to leave her ass on the corner, though.

  4. No, his uncle offered him a job with his general contracting company. That’s the type of position he wants to keep and move up the ladder

  5. Dont go back to him. He dumped you for her. You are plan B. And he will leave again if she decides to give him another chance. Never do that to yourself.


  6. Me and my partner have our own incomes, our own bank accounts, and consider our money separate. We have a shared account for bills and big expenses that we both have access to but generally we communicate about using it. At the end of the month we tend to look at our expenses and split the difference (sometimes she uses my card out of convenience or she buys stuff for the house or ourselves and one of us ends up spending a lot more than the other).

    we have full access to each others various accounts, phones and login information, but never has either ever touched the other's money without asking.

    Even though we love each other very much we are aware that everything can change, and this matter of managing expenses doesn't really take a lot of effort. Untangling everything if we got separating would cost a lot more.

  7. Might be an oversight, might be him wanting to keep tabs on you. Either way, the block button is right there. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a very recent ex being able to keep up with what I’m doing.

  8. Yep and I'd be more scared of a cop's retaliation than a criminal, personally. I'd still tell her personally though. Fuck him.

  9. Read the book I recommended.

    Your GF needs to learn how to manage friendships with guys. She should have shut down his talk about his love life. Players the world over use that approach to get close emotionally.

    At some point they say ” must be nice to be in a perfect relationship ” . She'll respond there are no perfect relationships and shares your business. Now he's in her head.

  10. Awesome, you love has changed him.

    No really, watch your back with this one. Old habits are hot to break.


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