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  1. Do not call her children. They are not responsible for her actions or words or emotions.

    They've distanced themselves from her for what are probably very good reasons, which very likely include emotional manipulation and guilt-trippibg.

    Your wife's past words and actions had consequences. Her children are uninterested in spending the holidays with her.

    Do not become the agent for wife's desire to disrupt her children's holiday by upsetting them and trying to make them feel responsible for her threat.

    She told you, not her children. You need to decide how you will respond to her threat. You are present in her life. They are not.

  2. Look up articles on mental load and/or weaponized incompetence. It’s okay to leave over this if it was the last straw, and it’s also okay to talk to him about it one more time and how he’s making you feel and see if anything changes.

  3. Ding. I’d have argued with you if you told me I was raped right after.

    It takes time to process, or it’s throwing words at a numb wall

  4. But you did. As soon as your date said he couldn't live! with children that weren't his DNA, you should've asked why the hell he went on a date with a mom?! And is wasting both your times?! In no universe would you continue to date that person.

  5. Don't start anything with someone you report to. I don't care how attracted you are to him. It's a bad idea and could hurt your career. I'm pretty sure the reason he isn't initiating anything is because you report to him. I'd let it go if I were you.

  6. The main question is that if her cumming just after 2 days of having my cum inside her will affect the work of pills.

  7. I think it's a bit of both, however trips out still tend to end to being fairly expensive. I'm not sure how exactly, maybe things just are more expensive than they used to be, but a day out for the two of us usually costs around $60 which is a lot in our budget. I'm quite a cheap and frugal person so I enjoy these trips, but they tend to escalate since my girlfriend likes to spontaneously find places, which I love, but I inevitably become the bad person since I have to say no to lots of things and we end up arguing or I end up skint

  8. I think you are overthinking this. You are young and with your current plans you are not locking yourself into something that will force you to abandon your dreams and goals. Living in another country is also an adventure that you are interested in. I think you have time to figure this out, and it is also something you can at some point talk with him about.

    And when that talk happens, make sure that both of you start with the idea that all relationships involve compromise. And that it's always you two against the problem you are having.


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