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9 thoughts on “POTUS Fresh & 1st Lady Flash the naked live sex chat with hottest babes with a hd cam

  1. You stop being her friend and both you and your husband block her.

    The total lack of respect she has for you, your husband and your marriage is something that deserves that “breakup”. If your husband had been interested she would have been her affair partner an either laughed at you for months/years or try to get him to leave you. That’s not a friend you want or need in your life.

  2. That’s not a friend. Your husband should reply saying to leave me alone and that he has shown you the photos. He should block her number and make it be known if she send them again it’s harassment and he may go to the police.

  3. One thing I’d just like to state is that politics aren’t just politics. They are morals. They are principles. They are values.

    All I can say is that I could not stay in this relationship. I know people can somehow figure this stuff out, more power to them I guess, but if you think it’s over, you’re not being ridiculous. It is totally sane to consider divorce in these circumstances.

  4. Honestly the main thing is the staring. He stares at me a lot. I can't help it if that makes me feel uncomfortable. Also…did you miss the part where he constantly asks the same questions even when I've already ran over them? Or that he stands uncomfortably close whenever he comes to ask them? And again, I'm the co-TA. I'm only there if the TA needs help with anything. I don't teach the section, I sit at my desk and the main TA runs the class. He never goes to her, and only asks ME (the co-TA, not the one who'll end up grading his work) questions. You're right though, I don't know what to complain about either because he did not do anything explicitly wrong. I just feel fucking uncomfortable

  5. I agree with the above person OP. I know it's easy for people to say just leave bt if we don't knw the cultural ramifications that could happen after it's easy to say just divorce. I knw in most cultures like yours. You could literally destroy her virtue and chances of ever getting married again if u leave and it could also just be really dangerous for you and have a big impact on your family.

    However i am terribly sorry you didnt get to marry someone u loved. Or atleast liked. I love my husband but like they said. Marriage takes work either way.

    I'm a very shy introverted person it took alot for me to open up with my husband. Maybe try actually spending time with your wife. Ask her about things she likes. Take her places she likes watch how they might make her happy.

    Share parts of yourself aswell. You don't have to like the same things. And even if she isn't as educated as u are doesn't mean she doesn't have anything good to contribute towards conversations. She has an opinion she probably was just taught like most traditional women.. god i knw I've heard this shit many times from friends..


    “women should be silent and submissive because that's what makes a good wife. No none wants one thats too opinionated”

    If leaving really isn't an option and she seems interested in spending more time with u. Do that. At some point if you stay in the marriage yall will have kids. She's gonna be the mother of those kids you guys will have to be a team.

  6. Sounds like he’s lazy and your birthday was an afterthought. Your future will probably be like this with him

  7. I can guess you've showed him your angry expression for what he does. But since he's adamant about watching porn, you have to raise the bar of being angry. For an example, ignore him at all cost. Like don't pay attention to his interest (Yes that gives the fear of him watching more porn) but if he's a person who tries to share his day with you everyday, this may work. All I'm saying the way you get angry or show frustration can't be enough since he's used to it.

    You can do another thing. Don't make love or show affection. That might question him somethings off and will ask you.

    Note that he can't leave his addiction to porn right away. He may watch it even after realizing what he's doing but if all goes well, he'll stop it within time.


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