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  1. No I did not go to a club. I went to a bar with my friends (mixed male and female) so yes I did sit next to my guy friends Nobody bought me drinks and I didn’t dance with anyone.

  2. I’d ask him if you can poop on his face in return but he might actually be into that, since he seems to want to fulfil every porn fantasy he’s ever come across. Might be best to just cut your losses on this one, nobody should ever pressure you into bedroom stuff you’re not up for.

  3. We talked about it last night. I do feel a large breakthrough happening, so I started with that, and explained my behaviors and how more and more I’m understanding them. He told me he felt very reassured! Thank you for your comment!

  4. Why not all ways of love? Your trying to force the opposite of monogamy instead of supporting all kinds of love. It’s like sexualities, we are who we are; Some of us are poly some are mono etc. It’s okay to be who you are. You just have to find someone who shares your view on this, as with anything in relationships.

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  6. Man wants a divorce, take him at his word. Too many times men do something that seems irrational or out of anger and women interpret it as maybe he didn’t mean it. Talk to a close friend and vent to them and start preparing to separate

  7. Wow, your edit is insane, you're really just tossing the whole relationship out the window with that. It will literally never recover

    Big whoopee, she got a little crush…did she act on it? No, she turned to the person she actually does care about, you. She's done everything she can to make up for the random chemical impulses she's felt, and you're going to punish her for…being honest with you??


  8. Why are you acting like a bystander in your own relationship? Why are you just going with the flow instead of putting your foot down and having an opinion of your future?

    I'm sure many people here are going to pose the question of why you're not already married after six years, but that aside, what is happening here is just not normal.

    No person in their right mind would ask whether they can safely expect marriage in the future and then take your agreement as a sign to immediately tell everyone you're now engaged and start planning the wedding.

  9. I’m stuck on “rong”. Was that a typo?

    And also. That’s how it should be spelt. Why did we add the w. Why. Why.

  10. I’m stuck on “rong”. Was that a typo?

    And also. That’s how it should be spelt. Why did we add the w. Why. Why.

  11. Honestly I bet she's the one telling him his exes are all just “jealous” and that is manipulative itself

  12. YOU are commuting to raising her kids.

    I know that was a typo but it perfectly describes the situation. The wife only wants him for his paycheck.

  13. The reason this toes the line is because it doesn’t sound like a choice it sounds more like an ultimatum. Even though it sounds like a proper boundary, what are the alternatives to cycle tracking/withdrawal that would count as a “reliable form of birth control“? Your ultimatum gave the illusion of choice without actually giving a proper choice, there was no room for compromise on it. Your partner chose cycle tracking, would you have been OK with a vasectomy ? Given that you had already one barrier method she could not use another barrier method.

    You seem against natural methods of birth control so I’m guessing that your options were your partner either starts taking hormonal birth control or put in a painful IUD or we end this because I want to feel protected? She’s taking on all the harm while you get all the choice. This is a false illusion of choice, She can’t win. And there’s no compromise because you’ve already removed one of the forms of birth control that you can contribute towards which is cycle tracking.

    This is a difficult situation because you’re allowed to revoke consent for any given reason. But what you gave her was not a true choice it was an ultimatum. I honestly think this is something you should’ve talked about earlier on but given that it was only five months it’s good that you cut ties as soon as possible to prevent further heart ache.

  14. i guess i could clarify a bit, i was the one to make the first move, not him. i also grew up in an environment where even my youngest cousins were adults by the time i even started grade 1, so for me interacting with people who are older is easier. i understand that there is a moral point to make and i am fully aware of that, that is why i didn’t intend on anything serious out of this. nothing serious has come of it yet nor is it guaranteed to come about. i am fine with nothing coming of this, but i have unexpectedly warmed up to the idea of something serious, likely not long term but still more than what i went into this expecting.

  15. Thanks so much. I had been going to the gym 6 days a week all last quarter when we initially broke up. At that time I mostly forgot about her and was doing really good in terms of school and making alot of progress on my physique. Talking to her again around Spring break made things so much worse because for the first time it was completely just me trying to talk to her and basically begging pathetically for her attention. Throughout our whole relationship, she was the clingy one and the one begging me to stay with her and now the roles were completely reversed which made it so much harder. I should have stopped talking to her immediately when that started happening but I kept thinking of the temptation of being with her in person(the physical temptation of her too obviously because it did happen the first time we met up again after the initial breakup). Anyways, I've been having a really tough time the past couple days, I can't pay attention in class, I failed quizzes for 2 of my classes bc i was unprepared and haven't been able to study. I am an engineering major so I really need to stay on top of things and its only the second week of school. I've been skipping the gym this week. I'm not the type to turn to drugs or alcohol when I feel sad so I think I'm good on that end. I did go to the gym today however and it felt really good only because for those moments when im pushing the weight I completely forget about everything and only focus on pushing. I talked to alot of people I saw at the gym and speaking to anyone even if it's just a little bit helps me to forget momentarily. Oddly enough, even people asking me if I'm done with my set or working in with them felt somewhat comforting because we're there for the same goals and like I said during that time I forget. Feeling tired also feels good. Anyways I'm sorry for the long post and responses, I usually always stay very quiet during times like this and don't speak to anyone. Writing stuff down has helped me work through my emotions and try to understand myself and I'm just trying to analyze the things that make me feel better and why. I have been talking to many friends as well as my sister about this and it honestly does make it so much better than my usual method of just secluding myself from everyone, leaving them wondering why I'm so sad. Anyways I will try extremely hot to move on and do good in the things that really matter which is school, the gym, and the friendships I have. Also I'll focus more on meeting new people. I'm usually pretty introverted but I realize in certain situations that meeting new people that I have something in common with is a great feeling and I realize that the relationships u form with the people especially that really care about you is the most important thing in the world. I do realize that I'm very self aware as in I can realize when I'm in a bad situation, I realize when I'm doing something wrong and when I should leave. I can analyze my own emotions, my flaws and realize what I need to do, it's just hot at first. Anyways, I'm done typing, thankyou, I will continue on.


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