Powergirl Gwen

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8 thoughts on “Powergirl Gwen

  1. I respect that you have a difference in opinion to me, however, even though a polygraph indeed might give you the results you are looking for. A polygraph can also indicate if plant life is happy or not. As a pressure tactic it can be useful in pressuring a general layman into telling the truth. The same way if you told the same person that they need to stick their hand in a box, and if they lie while their hand is in the box, that you will be able to tell. It really only measures your heart rate/pulse, and that's pretty much it. If you are asking embarrassing questions, even a truthful answer will illicit a positive hit on the polygraph. You can “calibrate” it in advance, but if someone who is trying to lie, and is calm and knows what the polygraph is actually measuring is being calibrated, they can intentionally muddle the results.

    If you Google it, you will see that the polygraph test has been largely outmoded from conventional interrogation use in current year, because very nervous people pop positive, and very calm but otherwise guilty people clear it with ease. Considering the polygraph can't be used to get any objective measurements I wouldn't feel comfortable with someone whether they passed or failed the test.

    We don't know if the partner is actually psychotic, so, it feels like a huge overreach to get them to take the test, vecause if they do infact pass it, and you believe in the test, then by proxy you'd need to believe in the partner even if they were lying.

    In modern day, it is used against an individual most effectively by publicly decrying their refusal to be submitted to one. Because the general population is not aware of its wild inaccuracy.

    Your son is likely a very good interrogator and would likely be just as effective by using any other psuedoscientific means of instilling fear and implying a capacity to read minds.

    But until it can tell a nervous person from a calm liar reliably, (last I checked there have been no improvements made to system nearly since its inception) I can't say Utsav a useful interrogation tool. The inventor of the polygraph test itself has also publicly denounced its usage as a lie detector.

  2. Part of having good healthy sex is being completely honest and communicate with your partner about what each of you enjoys. Tell him you desire to satisfy him but he needs to clarify what it is he wants exactly. Also in return make sure you express what you desire as well. Make it a two way street so both of you get what you want and it doesn’t become an obligation.

  3. If your partner forgave you, feel lucky. You didn't deserve it. Hopefully you learned a few things here:

    1) A work party or function is an extension of your job. It's not an excuse to act stupid and not have people view you different. In this case, they look at you as the horny lush that preys on younger guys.

    2) Don't drink or do drugs when your partner is not with you, even if it's not work. If you make a decision to alter your mind without a partner near, bad things can happen and it's not an excuse. Enjoy life, even remember it.

    3) Invite your partner next time. If it's just employee only, avoid it if alcohol is served.

    4) Reputation is something you protect before, not after you do something stupid.

  4. I’m stuck on “rong”. Was that a typo?

    And also. That’s how it should be spelt. Why did we add the w. Why. Why.

  5. You should read Why does he do that? It'll help you recognize manipulation tactics

    Sounds like he broke you down and love bombed you which is a very common manipulation tactic


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