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12 thoughts on “Pretty-babes live! webcams for YOU!

  1. It does register to her as a reason. She's saying that he told her the reasons he isn't accepting the promotion, but not the reason he isn't accepting the bonus.

  2. Gonna have to say for most people it is a red flag when their partner keeps their friends from them.

    It really just sounds like your friends suck. Which doesn’t say anything good about you.

  3. I guess I van understand that, but you are being stretched thin, with the stress of having to work so much to provide for the household. Parenting is hot and to top it off, yall have double the load with twins. It sounds like you are doing a great job. It sounds like your wife is suffering from depression.

    BTW, seeing how much that nanny is making is making me think I should change careers for real.

  4. Thank you for the input.

    I don’t know why I’m so scared but when I didn’t see her name in my friends list I immediately started crying. It’s not like she’s dead but I guess my mind jumps to catastrophe, and then the thought process is “you’re not dead, please come back” because it’s not like my college partner, who’s genuinely deceased and doesn’t have that option.

    I struggle to self soothe because if I’m not the one causing the problem, I generally don’t know how to fix it (outside of putting things back to how they were). Logically my mind sees it as a problem because something that was in place is now out of place, so by putting it back everything is fine again. If she re-added me I know I’d immediately quit this. (Not that I’m saying it’s a positive but I know that it would literally have the same effect as putting a pacifier in a baby’s mouth and I wouldn’t be panicked.)

  5. Hey man. Jealousy is naked to control. But its not a disaster of a characteristic to have.

    Your obsession led to you an unfavorable situation. You presented evidence to your partner that she was dancing with someone else. And she has been dodging the conversation.

    Its a completely reasonable boundary to have in a reletionship (not sleeping at other guys places).

    I don't think this is the right girl to invest in.

    I think you should check out of this reletionship and continue in your therapy. Seems like the heathiest course of action here.

  6. I tell my best friend every tiny detail about my life and she does the same with me. However, if my husband was bothered by this, I wouldn't do it. It's about respecting boundaries. You are completely okay to be upset with your boundaries being violated.

  7. Dont assume the worst.

    Can you deal with an open relationship? It is a big step and big deal. Start from there.

  8. hasn’t asked me recently, told me months ago he’d love it if one day he moves there hed love me to come with him. but sure as hell hasn’t talked about it since, and it’s not even possible. he doesn’t want me in Vietnam


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