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  1. Imagine a man where it all began A scientist pacing the floor In each nation always eager to explore To build the best big stick To turn the winning trick But this was something more…

    Not everyone in the defense industry wants to make a bigger stick.

  2. Give him more of a chance. If you ever see anything else in his car that isn’t yours, then have another conversation. Otherwise I’m bound to believe him on this one. If he handed you his phone to look at, he’s more of a keeper than you think. When they fight you about looking at their phone, that would be sus

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  4. I would send them back, honestly. There's zero chance she won't start hounding you- asking if you received them and what you thought of them. Then she'll accuse you of not being grateful. She'll probably demand you return them. Better to cut to the chase and return them in my opinion.

  5. Both of them are creeps. Listen, OP, I’ve been 16 dating an older guy too. Sooner or later you’ll realize it’s not normal, your bf should have never pursued you.

    I suggest breaking up and getting away from these people. Him and his brother are clearly creeps. Go home. Spend the new year with your family.

  6. Your gf is a total piece of shit. And so are you for staying with her and claiming she’s a good person. She is nice to you, she’s a piece of shit to everyone else. Call her out for her bullshit and dump that piece of garbage. Or stay and marry her and sooner or later she will let down her “nice mask” and be herself to you too.

  7. Sure all reasons to break up with somebody. Been head over heels for many a girl that I chose not to pursue so yeah it can happen.

  8. Agreed. It's really low to get with a monogamous person and then try and manipulate them into changing their mind.

  9. Exactly this, Tom's affair partners can care for him. Tell Sami to leave him ASAP. He is still cheating on her, but she is paying for his lifestyle, she wants a monogamous lifestyle.

  10. if i have brought up this issue before does this still apply? i’ve brought up the fact that he doesn’t reach out as much and he’s acknowledged it so he should be aware of it unless he’s just choosing to ignore it

  11. That’s hard. She just might be too high maintenance for you right now.

    Your schoolwork comes first, so you may have to let her break up with you.

  12. Your the Mother of his son he is wrong. His anger and screaming at you on Mother's Day is showing how little he values you and your relationship altogether.

  13. That's interesting, for my partners and friends it seemed like the cramps were always the worst part of getting a period. I'm a guy so, no firsthand experience here. I do want to try one of those things that simulates period cramps for a dude.

  14. So how can we find some common ground here?

    I learned very early on that I like to literally talk through things out loud and that a great place to do that is alone in my room or on a long drive.

  15. If you allow that parallel thinking, you both act like alcoholics. One of you gets out of it, and the other wants the first to come back ” to stay her friend”. It is the kind of friend who makes you relapse.

    She didn't joke. She craves the relationship you have but is not ready to pay the price as you did. She will never understand that your boyfriend is not the part of the equation that matters. She is the problem, as you were yourself. I also suspect that she will rather burn out your relationship than stay the single loser.

  16. Of course he’s allowed to make a mistake. Like I said in my post and many times in my comments, he’s an absolutely wonderful person and I’m thrilled to have a child with him. It hurt (as it would for anyone), but as I stated many times we already made up and put a pin in the conversation while we both find solutions.

    Sadly, about 90% of the work is pure coordination requiring phones. This is one of the reasons why this business is indeed dying. It’s naked to do sales like that anymore. I actually brought up this point before about Sunday and generally how I don’t think it’s feasible to do this kind of labor on weekends anyway, but his parents are having a hard time seeing logic. Also, asking a sleep deprived person to simply sleep less feels like what my therapist would call a “punishment solution.” That’s irrelevant anyway because 4:00-6:00am would not be feasible with the work they need.

    Your language was very confusing if you were not insinuating that I was beholden or being swayed by extreme views. I never expressed any extreme views and you made a comment about “if that’s how you want to on-line your life.” There’s a lot of better ways you could have phrased that.

    As of right now, I don’t feel comfortable stating what he believes because we haven’t had a long conversation about it. Therefore all statements have to be “I believe” and “I think” until we can get to “we believe.” Once again, this is because we have decided to take a couple of days before finding a solution. I cannot speak on his behalf until then and it wouldn’t be fair to.

    Granted, I have a condition where I don’t pick up on social cues naturally, but your comments seemed to kind be seeking to find a flaw in me personally instead of a solution to the issue.

    I appreciate the end of your message.

  17. Dont stay. You already feel unvalued, shes immature and childish, and you dont deserve to be treated unkindly by the one person whose supposed to be kind to you.

  18. Just break up and move on. High school relationships seldom last. Get over it soon, move on and then focus on your studies and career.

  19. I would suggest talking to your partner about it privately and keeping this to yourself for now, find out from his mouth is is true or not true, never base your facts off a message from another person it could just be bullshit or jealous behavior or even sinycal to cause a breakup.

    I personally think that maybe your boyfriend just made a huge mistake and then realized after he fucked up that he actually loves you enough that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you, sometimes Men will cheat out of nowhere when they are scared about the decision to marry as we are thrown off physiologically and it can really rock our heads when trying to decide to propose, some guys will even send a really big stag boys weekend with strippers and what not or have a random 1 night smash as they're blowing off the last hoorah before a life long commitment to 1 women for the rest of their lives…. you need to get the facts straight with him and I do recommend having a big talk with him to find out where he's at, 1 it could be false accused amd never happened or 2 it did happen and you should open a line of respect and trust to be able to have that discussion with your partner, honestly if it was just a 1 night drunken mistake ask him what made him do it and see how he responds if his attitude is remorseful and he's full of regret about it I'd say just forgive the guy and maybe just have a really big Hens night with your girls and also please keep the private matter to yourself telling your freinds and family about what he did will be disrespectful as and harmful to the relationship if you do want to save it, the matter is between you and him so keep it that way, maybe if your really struggling tell your mum for advice. ending a 6 year relationship can be very tough, think about your life single and without him and make a decision for yourself what you want, I believe in second chances so if it was his first mistake in 6 years cut the guy a break and do what makes you happy. he wants to marry you so you already know how he feels. get the facts straight tell him you want honesty that's important if your getting married so if you guys can trust each other and he opens up2 you then maybe look at going to some couples therapy. Sorry to hear about your mum but your probably gonna want his support if she does pass so think about that too, just do what makes you happy too like if you don't Wana marry yet just say let's put the breaks on for a year or 2 to regain trust.


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