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14 thoughts on “PRETTYTITTIESPlive sex stripping with hd cam

  1. She cheated, lied, and then lied again. The two of you really didn’t even have time to get serious before she decided to throw it away. Especially considering how young you are, it’s far more worth it to let this go and find someone you can trust and get serious with, when you’re ready for that.

  2. I get what you mean, I do think sex is a biological driver, I call it a need. No doubt no one dies without it, but just like love and acceptance are emotional needs for humans I think sex gals in the same category.

  3. The earliest one they used it for was that a team was stuck on a planet orbiting a blackhole and the effect through the gate, I think it was one of the first 5 or 6 in series 1. Maybe the same writers on those and Interstellar?

  4. You hit the nail on the head here. If him getting super angry is a consistent reaction that is a red flag.

    It's normal to react to getting hurt but like a quick yell or gasp. But getting mean and retaliating at a kitten- its too much. Throwing things at the cat? Yikes.

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  6. This is so immature. You were depressed so he gets to cheat as repayment? Disgusting. Let him go. Really. He is not ready for the commitment that marriage requires. I hate to tell you that your marriage is most likely done for anyway.

    Option A, he gets his “break” and decides being single is more fun and wants a divorce.

    Option B, he gets his “break” and when he comes back there is resentment from you and anytime live! gets nude, he asks for another break to repay him. And life will get very hot at times. Marriage is hot (married 26 years) and life gets hard sometimes. If both people aren't in it for the long haul, it won't last.

    Option C, you talk him out of this “break” and he resents you even more. It's like you got your depression now I get to be unfaithful.

    You could try counseling, but if infidelity is his go to solution to even the playing field of depression? Not holding out a lot of hope that will fix anything.

  7. It's also not at all uncommon for someone who's having relationship trouble to want to ask a friend for their input and perspective.

  8. Flip the script. You want her to put herself in a bad position by allowing you to break work protocol. You’re not being much of a friend to her either

  9. Books aren’t reality. I read about 8 feet tall alien warriors romancing humans on an ice planet.

    I mean this in the nicest way possible: please learn to separate reality from fiction.

    You do not have to be like the men in those books. Did she ever ask you to be like them or are you just making those connections because she reads those books? There are millions of people who don‘t want to try out the things they get off to.

  10. Honestly I’m ok with her debts. Like it sucks, but I make good money and should be able to start chipping away at it soon. The thing I’m least ok with is her threatening to leave when we argue. Thus far, they’ve just been idle threats, but it’s mainly the reason I haven’t dove headfirst into marriage.

  11. “Keeping himself sharp” in the event of a breakup down the line, but specifically writing that text to include details about his current work?

    What sense does it make to claim to just be keeping himself sharp in the event of needing to go back into the dating pool, but then adding such a specific detail as getting “written up” at his job?

    Girl, sounds to me like he has a coworker in mind right now that he plans on sleeping with during one of these overnight jobs. Don’t know why he’d send that to himself, but the excuse of it being just to keep himself sharp is utter bullshit.

    Also, why would you desire to keep being with someone who has plans for if you were to break up? It’s illogical of him to plan for a potential break and still plan his future with you. That’s completely contradictory.

    Don’t buy into his excuses of cheating being illogical given how much time and money he’s invested into your relationship. It’s illogical to be planning for a breakup. People don’t plan for a breakup unless they intend on breaking up. Whether actively cheating or not, him planning for a potential break up is suspect enough.

    Don’t plan a future with someone who has plans for their life without you.


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