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  1. i have a genuine question.

    why do you think banning HIM from watching movies is the right thing when this is a YOU problem? I mean you COULD go to a therapist, you COULD get over it because you’re an adult, or you COULD stop being a hypocrite and just do what he’s been doing this whole time?

    Seems like you want him to feed into your insecurity without you actually putting any effort into dealing with the issue for yourself. It’s weird and controlling and seems less that your insecure and just that you don’t want him to enjoy boobs lol grow up

  2. you’re right. it may sound odd but my boyfriend doesn’t really believe in “getting help” for his mental health. he usually laughs it off and claims that there really isn’t a cure so he’s going to “just have to live! with it.” this is something i’ve tried to change his perspective on but he won’t budge. however, i do go to therapy and am getting treatment for my mental issues.

    i didn’t mean to come off as reliant and looking back, i definitely could’ve seemed that way. i just sometimes would like a listening ear from my only loved one. however i do see your point in the sense that as he’s struggling too, i should be more understanding in the situation and seek other sources for help. thank you for that

  3. My husband and I have separate bedrooms but still have intimate time. We have vastly different sleep habits, but still a good marriage. Seems like he's dragging his feet. After 6 years it's still like a new romance and no intentions of it going further. Relationships, especially on the marriage track, need to be about compromise. Maybe try an exercise in which he argues your side and you argue his. Or make him come up with circumstances which could work for him and you both may need to set boundaries or make concessions.

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  5. A few questions: 1) why would you feel guilty about ruining his birthday trip? 2) why are you still with him? Sure it happened a year ago, but you just found out. There's not some time window where you can no longer get upset about finding out. 3) I hope you made that snake an ex-friend as well.

  6. It’s outstanding the way truth finds it’s ways.

    Please save evidence, if you don’t want to press charges now you might in the future, please listen o me in this!

    The universe protected you from having a baby with this monster. Please tell someone that really loves you about this and look for professional mental health


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