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Birth Date: 1994-04-02

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9 thoughts on “Raajsingh5566live sex stripping with hd cam

  1. Oh I would, if he had said he couldn't believe a woman would 'let her man hang out' I'd say the same. People are not property.

  2. I suppose you need to answer these questions for yourself.

    Do YOU want to try anything?

    Are YOU able to separate work from flirt?

    Do you think HE is able to separate work from flirt?

    What happens if it goes south? (Look at how he treats the person he dislikes the most in your job, as opposed to the person he likes the most?)

    If you do want to. What is it you want? Relationship, FWB, just continued flirting?

    Is he capable of being emotionally mature?

  3. You can tell her, once, that when you are excited about a crush that you would prefer she not express her opinions on how “realistic” your chances are – you want her to act like your friend and not your harshest critic. That it hurts that your own friend keeps all the ways you aren't perfect at the forefront of her mind.

    It's possible she's just trying to keep you from getting hurt, but that doesn't help if she's the one that's hurting you.

    If she keeps on criticizing then, if you want to keep the friendship, put her on an info diet re: your crushes.

    Btw, it's kind of not great that she thinks these guys are all hyper-shallow types who only date blondes (kinda implying they're racist too). I really hope you don't have taste that bad, lol!

  4. So my partner is home at 3:30am.. to me that’s just ridiculous. Bars arent open that late and he didn’t say he was going to a bar if he did. I want to be cool but I have a boundary. He’s been with friends since 11am.

  5. There was a woman that I was talking to on-line (terrible decision for many reasons but only later did I learn how terrible) shortly before I met my girlfriend that did this years later, made up a bunch of shit to try to break us up, like I had cheated with her, we were meeting up after I started dating my girlfriend, etc. after we had already moved to another state together, got a cat, started building a life, and then boom, out of nowhere I wake up to my girlfriend sobbing and asking me what the fuck this is about (fair), I was just in shock. I didn’t even think people could be that vindictive for absolutely no reason, it’s not like it was even a “breakup”, we literally never even met. Still kinda shook up over it honestly, how do you explain to your partner that someone just has it out for you for no discernible reason?

  6. If you are financially secure for the rest of your life and you are disabled, just tell people you are retired.

    It tells people you aren't working and you don't plan on going to work.

    And it tells people you are financially secure.

    Now if that's not the case, don't say retired.

  7. You don't have to refuse what he wants, just let him know you won't be paying for it. Set the boundary now before it's too late


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