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  1. thank you for your reply, its very anxiety inducing because this isnt the first time H has blatantly gaslit me like like, this is just the first time ive noticed it. but it still gets me really bad

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  3. This is just a symptom of an underlying deeper problem.

    He's perfectly willing to put in effort until it stops being fun and rewarding for him. “Good job, fiance! Keep it up Fiance!” Is rewarding, fun, good for his ego. Then as soon as the novelty wears off, it's not fun and rewarding for him anymore and you stop praising him as much and all of a sudden it's just easier to not do it anymore.

    This isn't going to remain confined to these two chores for long. Eventually he's going to get sick of something else and let that slide and you'll have to pick up the slack… cue avalanche of things you'll end up doing as he feels like not being an adult anymore.

    He has zero concern for your feelings. He can see you getting frustrated and exhausted of this and doesn't care enough to do anything about it long enough to make it a habit. All that matters is that he's not inconvenienced.

    You need to call him out on THIS – that he doesn't respect your feelings and needs and cares only for his convenience – not the specific chores.

    Give him an ultimatum and stick to it. Next time he doesn't take out the trash you move out for a week to stay with a friend – after that you move out until he can prove he can keep the whole place clean on his own for two months without you reminding him, and you can visit anytime to check. On strike three, you're gone.

  4. You're only a month in. This guy doesn't sound like a keeper. I'm on team “let him find someone else to belittle.”

  5. At best, a casual hookup. Guy is clearly only in it for one thing (which is fine if you’re also on the same page) and also seem a little odd overall. Personally I’d bail, no sex is worth that kind of headache, no matter how good it is.

  6. Have you ever seen drakes kid? He is exactly as you described. Also, how terrible of you to say f them kids because it turned out to not be yours after so many years? Idk if I’m buying this story. Sounds a lot like the 5000 other troll stories about the eyes.

  7. Oh, yes. Part of my mental health issues definitely have OCD characteristics, I think. I don't do anything like checking to make sure the door is locked all of the time or having to nock a certain number of times. But there is an order to the way things need to be done and there is a certain spot/place where things go. If anything is out of wack at all I freak out. He is pretty good at trying to understand what I want and how I want it but absolutely doesn't understand WHY I want it that way and I cannot explain it. It's just the right way.

  8. Had buddies in college get jumped doing stupid s*** like this.

    Getting mugged is probably the best case scenario here.

  9. I bet he still wants sex though right? I wouldn't be offering further sex to an emotionally unavailably guy. What he's offering ( advice & logic) is called frienship at best so thats what he deserves in return.

    You are not being unrealistic you are being deluded if you consider him your boyfriend he's not.

  10. You are not crazy, and if I were in your shoes, I would have done the exact same thing.

    I'm fact I did – cut my mom off and my stepdad (by association with her). She continued to be abusive and irrational – with my stepdad always trying to get me to “get over it”. My sister did as well (a few years before I did). It was the best damn decision we both ever made for ourselves and I am so much happier in my life for it. (Plus it really helped deepen my relationship with my sister!)

    I hope your siblings come around, but even if they don't, you have to do whatever you need to save your sanity.

  11. It's not a red flag on her part that she enjoys partying. However, the fact that you're becoming jealous thinking about things that might have happened at those parties (and you're not even dating!) is cause for concern.

    Not everyone enjoys partying, and that's fine! However, if you choose to date someone who does, then you need to be ok with them doing so. Don't expect them to change for you. You're clearly not ok with it, so take this as a sign that you shouldn't date party girls.

  12. Really curious what an “appropriate” reason for this would be. She sounds completely aware.

  13. you could try explaining to him that you need more support and empathy when talking about your mental health. and that you don’t appreciate him calling you dramatic. if he gets mad or nothing changes, i agree with the top comment

  14. If she was better at her finances, would you still begrudge splitting the rent according to income?

  15. Exactly this. I could never leave the person I loved and built a life with over something he basically had no control of. Yes, it would be very strange to suddenly have a 13 year old around, but I'd just learn to online with it for the man I loved. OP wasn't given the choice or even a warning when that child was born, so tearing away the family he knows and loves is just cruel. So many people are like “the wife did nothing wrong” and I just can't help but think she's being a bit heartless, and that is wrong. And then to pour the salt in the wound of literally moving all of them across the country without so much as trying to work it out? Just ouch.

    I feel for you OP. Please get your own lawyer, one she doesn't know, and I'd suggest not letting her move across the country. I get that's what she wants, but she seems to only care about what she wants, and not necessarily about what's best for your children and the relationship they'd be able to have with both of you as parents being hindered with her taking them so far away. Good luck and please keep us updated.

  16. Totally agree. I left our family dog tied outside the shop for an hour accidentally as I was talking to a friend, I've (so far) never forgotten one out children! This seems like a very ott reaction to a simple mistake, is this something that is common with him? Does he often leave you walking on eggshells after a simple error?


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