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9 thoughts on “RavenVila33 live sex chats for YOU!

  1. I'm curious…

    Would you be okay with your partner doing this with some other guy?

    If the answer is no, then you've also gathered the answer of what you need to do here.

  2. Yes, I was in the same exact situation when I was your age, and we started dating a few years later. Guys aren’t fully developed at 20 and while you might not find him attractive now, you might later. I also think when I was 20 I had a very set vision of what kind of men I was into and it wasn’t until I had more experience that I became more open-minded. Maybe don’t force it if you aren’t ready? You don’t want to throw away a great friendship over a failed romance.

  3. 3 times a month? I feel like guys generally want it 3 times a week at least. But who knows. Maybe he has a really low sex drive. Unless you feel it's getting it from somewhere else. Not trying to make you paranoid or anything though. You'll of course know him better than the rest of us. It just surprised me to read how infrequently he wants it.

    Sounds like he's annoying to on-line with though if he can't even bring himself to do chores like an adult for crying out loud. I'd recommend couples counseling of some kind. Best of luck with everything!

  4. This is backwards thinking. If this is someone feels, then say it upfront. “I'm hooking up with other people, but it's not serious – but I want to take you seriously, so I'm not going to have sex with you, but I am seeing and hooking up with other people to be clear.” And let the other person accept that logic.

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  6. This is him with his best foot forward. You can’t change him. It will not get better. You need to decide if you’re happy with a lopsided relationship or not.

  7. He is refusing to believe that he may be the problem. Go look at his comment history and his responses.

    Definitely not mature. At all.

  8. I also didn’t say that they were intrusive thoughts. I think that acting on your thoughts for another person whilst you are in a relationship is immoral


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