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  1. If there is rent due and you owe it, then that’s that. No emotions. Math. If you don’t have the money, then there is a problem. Either you overestimated what you could pay, which is on you. Or you spent the money on something else, which is also on you. This happens all the time. Just don’t make it worse by blaming other things. You can work this out.

  2. No. She didn't claim that she went off with a guy and got taken advantage of while drunk. She claimed she was violently raped by a stranger. Why lie about that?

    She knew what she was doing. She's not repressing anything.

  3. I think this is important, everyone needs time to reflect on these changes. And you and your daughter could probably benefit from long term therapy together and separately. It seems like maybe she’s already had a somewhat unstable life up until this point.

    OP, I think you’re doing the right thing. I’m sorry that it’s put you in a potentially bad spot with your wife.


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