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  1. Be honest and tell him that you've really fallen for him. Ask if he'd consider being in a real monogamist relationship with you if that's what you want. If you feel it's worth it then go ahead and try to make it work. If not you can always end things.

  2. Im scared to say I was without knowing the full details, I dont understand how I could have ended up alone with him but I do remember when with my family he was giving me free drinks. Then the rest of the holiday he wouldn’t even look my direction, he doesnt even speak english

  3. You are 38. What exactly do you imagine is ahead of you in life?

    You are about to enter the period of life where the older generation in your family starts to die. That’s naked.

    You are about to enter the period in your life where your peers get sick, and sometimes die. That’s naked. Hopefully, it won’t be you.

    You are about to enter the period of your life – if you’re lucky – where you have small children. They cry, they get sick, they break bones, they have interpersonal crises. That’s naked.

    Then they become teenagers and thats very hot.

    What exactly is your plan for weathering the hot times? They are coming. You literally cannot escape them. You are a human being, and being human means experiencing hot times.

  4. It is super inappropriate for him to speak to potential workplaces on your behalf. That makes you look incapable and less employable so he needs to stop doing that.

    But the rest is confusing to me. When you say date, are in in a relationship? How long have you known him? If it’s new, then it’s unusual for him to be so invested and involved.

  5. The commenters on here are crazy. He doesn't feel loved because she doesn't feed him? So he gets to flip a tray because she won't shove beans in his mouth? People are bizarre.

  6. Next step is deciding it's just never going to happen and you're not going to get married staying in this relationship. And what you want to do next coming to terms with that.

    And a proposal should be based on wanting to get married. I would not accept a marriage proposal given because he feels he's run out of other options.

  7. Exactly…you got into a relationship with a single father of a TODDLER. You need to learn to sacrifice and take the little moments you do get, like holding hands while his daughter is with you, or merely sitting next to each other and he has his arm around you. There are plenty of ways to show affection without getting jealous over a literal 3 year old.

  8. Talk to your GF. Ask her how to keep things on a friendship level or if she even thinks it’s possible. You might also want to open up to your GF the way you do with her, make her your best friend and sounding board, it will draw you closer together and other deep friendships won’t matter as much. Right now you are filling a vacuum with someone else when it should be with your GF. If for some reason you can’t do that, maybe you aren’t in the right relationship right now.

  9. So when you want to talk to a friend or partner in person, do you initiate the conversation, or do you stand halfway across the room and just stare at them and hope they come over? Texting works the same. If you sit and wait and hope, and that's all, it's just not likely to happen, especially if they aren't the type of person to text out of the blue in the first place.

  10. I just always wanted to pick at the mind of a troll and get answers because I genuinely can't understand why they would write these kinds of stories. I don't mind funny and lighthearted trolls, I actually think they tend to be a breathe of fresh air when they catch you off guard with something witty.

    I believe you're on to something. They must have a very sad existence indeed, yet I can't find it in myself to feel bad for them.

    I've said it before, many times, they could invest their time in creative writing on other subs and platforms, they could gain honest support and even get paid for it.


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